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File: Candy Buckets10-23-14
Re: Not parsing faction in outland
Posted By: Vlad
It will show both quests and label them by faction in the latest version. You need to visit the faction appropriate for you. If no faction is picked you can't visit any of those. :) So yesterday I was walking through Outland picking up the candy, and I found that I had both the scryers and aldor buckets noted on the map. So, li...
File: Friend List Colors10-22-14
Hei! Sadly the only colors at the m...
Posted By: Vlad
Hei! Sadly the only colors at the moment are level and class. You did nothing wrong. :) hi, i really like your addon and all the options. thanks! just one question: is there a possibility to add a tag? or did i just something wrong?
File: MiniLoot10-22-14
@DaemonSambe Would you like to try...
Posted By: Vlad
@DaemonSambe Would you like to try and backup your "" file in the WTF folder, then delete it from there to reset the addon settings to default? Looks like you are a old timer as the settings mix up from the old and the current generation. :P When I get home from work I'll check out the issues by loading your own config...
File: MiniLoot10-21-14
Re: Candy Buckets
Posted By: Vlad
With I noticed this issue in and hotfixed it with a minipatch an hour later. If the issue persists it might be something else turned on for you, but turned off for me - in the addon settings. Gotta look this up if you use the latest version. I was just doing the Holiday candy Buckets and noticed a disc...
File: Candy Buckets10-19-14
Re: Can't get addon to work :(
Posted By: Vlad
Try the latest update and let me know. :)
File: Candy Buckets10-19-14
Re: Options for Flight Plans
Posted By: Vlad
Not a bad suggestion. If it will be in for this year, not so sure.
File: MiniLoot10-19-14
You are correct tony, there is no l...
Posted By: Vlad
You are correct tony, there is no loot icon because I just did the daily myself and even the normal loot window showed no loot event occurring, that's why the addon couldn't pick up the fact you received candy. I reckon it's a issue on Blizz side, unless you prove me wrong. :P *Edit* Seems to be a bug with Blizz at the momen...
File: MiniLoot10-18-14
If you craft something it dosen't s...
Posted By: Vlad
If you craft something it dosen't show up in chat, or is it just me? Crafted ore to a bar and I got the message, since it's a loot event. What did you craft?
File: NPCScanEx12-11-13
snip Thanks for the report! I...
Posted By: Vlad
snip Thanks for the report! I've commented on the issue tracker, but I'll quickly just mention that I've tested the addon with the latest version of _NPCScan and it worked without triggering your error. Try updating _NPCScan to the latest version (currently being then give me some feedback if it the error still occu...
File: Professions Database10-10-13
no lua error but can't use anymore....
Posted By: Vlad
no lua error but can't use anymore...... no profession frame when i click the menu Blizzard changed how the links work, made it impossible to spoof a fake profession that has all the recipes. Sadly to implement an addon like this, rather use something like Ackis Recipe List instead. :(
File: MiniLoot09-24-13
So I can just remove the extra_trad...
Posted By: Vlad
So I can just remove the extra_trade.lua? Or just a part of it? Should only have to uncheck the extra option, no? :) Worst case remove that file and it won't load that functionality. :P
File: MiniLoot09-19-13
Thanks for the update! Trading mats...
Posted By: Vlad
Thanks for the update! Trading mats also dubbels the mats I get with the latest version :/ Did they make it so mailbox and trading shows the items in the chat? I haven't traded so I didn't get to check out that part. If they did, simply disabling code in my trade module will fix the issue. In a way it's good if they fixed it on th...
File: MiniLoot09-15-13
I love you too guys! Any chance...
Posted By: Vlad
I love you too guys! Any chance we can save the ChatFrame MiniLoot uses to output its messages per character That could be doable, but, maybe it's most handy having the chat frame per character, while the rest of the options are commonly shared account wide. I gotta think about a smart way to implement this, but it's a good ide...
File: MiniLoot09-15-13
In 5.4 they probably fixed the mail...
Posted By: Vlad
In 5.4 they probably fixed the mailbox issue with loot, so it naturally appears, thus making my addon show double the items than it should. It was fixed by simply disabling the item related part of the code, but I kept the money code because money wasn't logged naturally I noticed. Anyway the uploaded version has a TOC bump and fixed...
File: MiniLoot09-14-13
I've no idea when this started, but...
Posted By: Vlad
I've no idea when this started, but for quite a while now I noticed that loot decisions aren't shown when I'm in a dungeon. If I recall they changed on the loot messages so that stuff not involving you aren't showed in chat, but they appear in the popup dialog if you click on loot roll details and such. It's been a while, b...
File: NPCScanEx06-15-13
Re: Alert Notification Box
Posted By: Vlad
I have recently redone my ui, and am having an issue with the alert notification box popping up over my bars. I have tried unsuccessfully to move it, and ideas on how to accomplish this? You have to use the NPCScan interface to unlock the box position then drag and move it. This addon, NPCScanEx, only adds creatures for NPCScan...
File: Battle Pet Tabs06-07-13
First I just want to say that I app...
Posted By: Vlad
First I just want to say that I appreciate your addon. It's well done and very useful. Second, I'm finding that whenever I click on a tab to activate that team it automatically summons the first pet of that team as a companion. Is there any way to prevent that? Thanks! That's a game feature, sadly not possible to disable it...
File: MiniLoot05-30-13
What you describe is that the first...
Posted By: Vlad
What you describe is that the first message uses the first format, and the other uses an extra "bonus" part in the message, something the addon ignored. CURRENCY_GAINED_MULTIPLE = "You receive currency: %s x%d."; CURRENCY_GAINED_MULTIPLE_BONUS = "You receive currency: %s x%d. (Bonus Objective)"; But I have added it to the addon...
File: Battle Pet Tabs04-21-13
*Edit* hotfix has been uplo...
Posted By: Vlad
*Edit* hotfix has been uploaded and fixed a very serious issue. Released 1.1.7, added a new feature called "Team Manager". Check the change-log for 1.1.7 for details. Planned changes to the new feature are the ability to set the icon of each snapshot to what ever you like. The ability t...
File: Battle Pet Tabs04-09-13
Hehe, my OnUpdate code maybe runs a...
Posted By: Vlad
Hehe, my OnUpdate code maybe runs at slower intervals, it just checks for when the pets are swapped before swapping their abilities. I don't think it's that slow tough. ;)
File: MiniLoot03-25-13
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: not fixed
Posted By: Vlad
Tonyleila I've uploaded a new version, it's the same as last one only this time I hope I really fixed the upload, I might have uploaded the wrong file or something last time. The issue you posted here was the exact same issue I originally fixed you see. :)
File: MiniLoot03-22-13
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: not fixed
Posted By: Vlad
OK so I disabled all addons and removed all textur replacements in my interface folder. Also resettet SavedVariables of MiniLoot. Nothing. first it shows just empty then after some time a green icon. I have an idea, do the same, only do this before you loot archaeology currency: /run hooksecurefunc(ChatFrame1,"AddMessage",functi...
File: MiniLoot03-20-13
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: not fixed
Posted By: Vlad
Hmm so you just replaced Version: I just downloaded again but all the fragments still show as green icons :confused: I tried the German game with the addon and it looks like this, so this is really weird...
File: NPCScanEx03-14-13
Re: Missing npc
Posted By: Vlad
Zora appears to be missing from NpcscanEX. Thanks. Weird, didn't get into the update either, I'll look into why not for next update.
File: MiniLoot03-14-13
Re: Re: Re: not fixed
Posted By: Vlad
Did you reupload? because I can't see a new version? It's the and it's uploaded at the moment.