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File: Kharthus's Hunter Timers08-07-10
This is happening to me. It often c...
Posted By: Zenkai
This is happening to me. It often crashes reporting a memory overflow, or lack of memory. I have 4 gigs of RAM, so I know this has to be some kind of memory leak. If you could find a solution or at least a good alternative to KHT, I'd be grateful. Thanks. -Zen -- EDIT: I downgraded to 3.2.3, and it works now. No crashes, wo...
File: Kong Automatic UI Hider02-10-10
A few bugs.
Posted By: Zenkai
Okay. There are a few things funky with Kong. First of all, I don't believe this is compatible with the ag_UnitFrames add-on at the moment. Everything works fine up until a UI Reload or logout+login; Kong is throwing me an error that has something to do with it no being able to find the "ag_player" frame. I believe it might have s...