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File: oUF Skaarj05-17-13
I'm getting the following error on...
Posted By: Micmac
I'm getting the following error on my Monk, anyone know how to fix this? Using latest version of OuF. 1x oUF-1.6.4\elements\classicons.lua:63: attempt to call method "SetVertexColor" (a nil value) oUF-1.6.4\elements\classicons.lua:63: in function oUF-1.6.4\elements\classicons.lua:250: in funct...
File: oUF_Fail01-14-13
Love these UF for pvp, I've started...
Posted By: Micmac
Love these UF for pvp, I've started creating a new UI to utilize them :) While playing on my feral druid I noticed the combo points will overlap the enemies HP value on the frame. How can I move the combo points lower to just below the unit frame?
File: bTooltip08-31-12
Love this tooltip mod, is there a w...
Posted By: Micmac
Love this tooltip mod, is there a way to get it to anchor to the cursor?
File: RealUI08-30-12
So happy to see this updated, Thank...
Posted By: Micmac
So happy to see this updated, Thank you! The only bug I have encountered so far that is annoying is clicking on realID friends in from the infoline does not initiate a whisper for them like it did before 5.0.4. If the person is playing D3 or SC than it start the whisper followed by their realID, however for anyone playing WoW noth...
File: oUF Phanx05-10-12
Editing Custom Aura Filter
Posted By: Micmac
Hi, I just started playing again and had used your addon in the past, it's my favorite unit frame layout. I've been pvping mostly and was trying to add some custom aura filters to see when a target had the following buffs/debuffs. This is taken from auras.lua that I added, all spell ids were taken from wowhead.com or in game using...
File: VOIP Spam09-05-11
I've been getting this error when u...
Posted By: Micmac
I've been getting this error when using the /voip set command. 1x VOIPSpam-1.2\VOIPSpam.lua:74: attempt to call global 'VSScale' (a nil value) VOIPSpam-1.2\VOIPSpam.lua:168: in function `VOIPSet' VOIPSpam-1.2\VOIPSpam.lua:283: in function `value' Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:4248: in function
File: oUF_Hank05-15-11
Debuff above target
Posted By: Micmac
I'm using the following code in custommodifications. lua and the debuffs are fine most of the time but they will sometimes shift down and overlap the Tot and ToTT names. Here is the code I'm using, any ideas on what is causing this and how I can fix it? oUF_Hank_hooks.DebuffPosition = { PreSetPosition = function(buffs, max)...
File: oUF Phanx01-14-11
Sniper Training buff for hunters
Posted By: Micmac
I've tried to add the Sniper Training buff for my hunter by editing the auras.lua file. I put in the spell ids with the other playerclasss=hunter ones for all 3 ranks of the buff and have tried it with max rank only as well since that's the one my hunter has. = 4, -- Sniper Training = 4, -- Sniper Training = 4, -- Sni...
File: oUF_Hank05-07-10
This is my new favorite unit frame...
Posted By: Micmac
This is my new favorite unit frame layout. I've used it for all my characters and its amazing. Thank you so much! I've tried playing with the .lua but I can't getting a desired effect for aura placements. How can I set the debuffs to show on the right of the target frame instead of being attached to the buff auras? Is the...
File: Arp UI02-05-10
Re: Re: Party targets?
Posted By: Micmac
Originally posted by Tobbe8716 No. Tbh why would you want party targets ?:) I find it helpful when doing random heroics to make sure everyone is assisting or attacking the same target. I can either taunt that mob to make sure I don't lose him when tanking or toss a shield/hot on the person who isn't paying attention or just doe...
File: Arp UI02-05-10
Party targets?
Posted By: Micmac
I love the UI but was wondering if there was a way to show party targets?