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File: BamberiUI V1 1920 X 108008-14-15
Bamber! Action Button
Posted By: Mereinid
How do I enable another set of action bars..I just need one. I like to have my Feign Death action/icon HUGE and right beside my portrait. that way I can hit it fast. I have the Extra Action bar and Bar 7 there but none of them will let me put the Feign Death Icon in it, to use. Thanks so much, Mereinid
File: Dominos Beta05-22-15
Posted By: Mereinid
Fuckyea, thank you for bringing Dominos back. It was my favorite back when.
File: FauxMazzle10-31-14
Hey Hey FM, I see that you have rel...
Posted By: Mereinid
Hey Hey FM, I see that you have released a rather interesting looking UI. I love the way it looks. Once I get done with some preliminary questing here I plan to remove my addons folder and rename my WTF and give your UI a shot. I hope I like it, it really does look good. Kudos to you, with this and your DUF, its a wonder you have any...
File: wMmap10-30-14
hey hey, weasoug, how do i change t...
Posted By: Mereinid
hey hey, weasoug, how do i change the look of my minimap, right now it is the default circle with spikes around the outside. Thanks! Mereinid
File: Dugi Questing Essential10-29-14
Quest tracking frame
Posted By: Mereinid
Hey Dugi, love the mod, is there a way I can move quest tracking frame that is under the minimap? I use a minimap mod so my minimap is now at the bottom of my screen. I want to relocate my questing tracker window up into the vacant spot. Thanks again, Mereinid
File: Discord Unit Frames10-29-14
A ton or errors
Posted By: Mereinid
Hey FM, I just installed DUF and loaded into the game. I pulled up the /duf and started move, or at least tried to start moving the frames. I received 8 errors in less than a couple minutes trying to just move the player window and the target window. Here is a link to the errors on photobucket. http://s1143.photobucket.com/user/...
File: ViksUI11-03-13
Posted By: Mereinid
Hey there frohanss, I followed your instructions and changed the font for my loot window, much better, thank you! Is there a way I can disable the inventory/bags in your UI and use another addon for it? *ArkInventory?* I prefer to have my items sectioned off so I can sort thru them quicker? Thanks much, Brae.
File: ViksUI11-01-13
Loot window Font
Posted By: Mereinid
Hey there, I need to change the font in the loot window. I enlarged it from 8 to 12 but that made it worse. I am closer to 45 than 40 and my eyesight, I guess is declining. I need something not so bold and blurry looking when its close together. Standard wow text is good, Morpheus is getting a little to curvy. There was a font on...
File: Aurora: Missing Textures08-05-13
Install Question
Posted By: Mereinid
Hey Tony, I have the base Aurora 5.3 installed, this Missing Textures addon...do I just drop these in the Addons folder? The install directions you have mention removing the old "MissingTextures" folder, which I don't have. To add these where do I put all of these folders at, in the "Aurora" folder or into the general Addons folder...
File: GatorsUI 1920x1080Widescreen07-10-11
Posted By: Mereinid
Hello, I was wondering if someone could tell me the name of the cast bar mod in this compilation? For instance, when I cast Hearthstone the HUD gives me a cast bar and I also get a cast bar down in the bottom center of my screen that covers up my Minimap..and is off center to boot? How can I disable this or move it?
File: DawnMod05-29-11
Posted By: Mereinid
Nice mod Boss, keep it up. My vote:cool:
File: SithiaUI 1920x1080 v2.3 patch 4.2 fixed03-08-11
Re: Re: FPS hit
Posted By: Mereinid
Originally posted by poweruo This is most likely due to SLDT's clock being enabled.. it should have been disabled by default but be sure to check by accessing the addons config through /sldt ingame. Hope this helps and if not please come back to me. I can tell you im sitting on the same system basicly and are having roughly 80fps i...
File: SithiaUI 1920x1080 v2.3 patch 4.2 fixed03-08-11
FPS hit
Posted By: Mereinid
Hey there, well first off, I like the comp. Nicely done. The look is crisp on my 1080p. The issue I am having is I can run the game with out your mods enabled and be running in 160's-170 range of Frames Per Second. When I engage your UI and it's mods I drop to a dismal 11-16FPS. I dropped all of my settings to low and turned just a...