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File: Clean Icons - Thin (Fan Update)02-11-18
Edit: Had an initial problem with...
Posted By: Grungra
Edit: Had an initial problem with the naming being off by 1, but fixed it by redownloading. Thanks for taking the time to do this. G
File: Aurora08-30-17
Greetings, this error comes up any...
Posted By: Grungra
Greetings, this error comes up any time you interact with the quest completion screen, either to make a choice of item to get, or to just select the finish button on quest completed without any item on them, or a single default item. 37x Aurora\Skin\FrameXML\QuestInfo.lua:192: attempt to index field 'bg' (a nil value) Aurora\Skin...
File: !SyLevel_Bagnon09-10-15
Update needed for latest bagnon
Posted By: Grungra
Bagnon was updated and author changed or completely rewrote the addon so the plugin for Sylevel is not working any more, appreciate it if you have time to update it to make it work again, love the addon and miss it working with bagnon. Thanks.
File: Progress11-18-14
Error on latest version
Posted By: Grungra
Got this yesterday. 3x AddOn 'Progress' tried to call the protected function 'ChocolateProgress:SetWidth()'. !BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:586: in function : in function `SetWidth' ChocolateBar\Chocolate.lua:29: in function ChocolateBar\Chocolate.lua:43: in functio...
File: shPerformance (mem/fps/ms)11-01-14
Have a request for the memory part,...
Posted By: Grungra
Have a request for the memory part, can you make it so it doesn't try to update during combat? On some raids sometimes i get an error, like the addon took too long doing a certain function, disabled everything and narrowed it down to the memory part. Love the addon. Thanks, G
File: BLP Format Plug-in for Photoshop10-21-14
Trying out your plug-in and get thi...
Posted By: Grungra
Trying out your plug-in and get this error each time I try to save a file, no matter what I choose to save it as: Could not save as "path of file" because of a problem with the file-format module interface. Used "path of file" cause it doesn't matter location to save file. Using PS CC2014 64bit win8.1. Files open normal, ca...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)10-21-14
If it's line 719 in aura.lua, then...
Posted By: Grungra
If it's line 719 in aura.lua, then it's a LibButtonFacade issue. The support for custom aura skins is currently...umm...nonexistent. I'll reconsider custom skins for buffs/debuffs for the next release. The syntax used changed, instead of Skin, just replace it with AddButton and it should work again. At least it's been the situati...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)09-25-14
Naming of the libdatabroker library...
Posted By: Grungra
Naming of the libdatabroker library is wrong either on the folder itself or whatever one of your files references it. I just renamed it libdatabroker-1.1 instead of libdatabroker-1-1. After renaming that library's folder the UI was able to load up. Maybe that can help you or the other users. That might be the reason that only...
File: Cirk's Lootcounter (Fan Update)01-09-13
Not working for me.
Posted By: Grungra
It doesn't seem to work for me, asked before and it seems the parsing for looted objects has to be handled differently since they patched the game to 5.0 and above, might want to take a look at another addon called howmany http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/howmany and see how they handle it, another example would be Mik's scrolling bat...
File: TargetCharms09-04-12
New version 1.55 missing some new changes.
Posted By: Grungra
Hi, I use the addon all the time and find it extremely useful, other than not having the positions saved if not loaded it's a real time saver. New patch has changed a lot of the globals and the addon will bark at anyone trying to use it at this time. These are the changes I made to make it work for me. line 100: self:Registe...
File: Cirk's Lootcounter (Fan Update)08-28-12
New Patch
Posted By: Grungra
Tried it on MOP beta and although it doesn't throw any errors, it also doesn't show any items being picked up on chat or at the error frame. Anyone able to give it mouth to mouth to bring it back to life? Thanks...
File: WhisperWhisper07-31-12
truncated end
Posted By: Grungra
Seems a couple of closing "end"'s were truncated and ended up just "en", happens at lines 849 and 858, the compatibility checks for TukUI and ElvUI. Hope that helps.
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends07-26-12
Request, auto-accept invites from friends/guild members.
Posted By: Grungra
Just wondering if you could incorporate a setting to auto-accept invites from friends and guild members, since addon shows them already, they must be in some kind of table, no need to look them up again. I enjoy the addon thanks for making it.
File: Threat Plates05-25-12
Hello, Tidy Plates itself had an up...
Posted By: Grungra
Hello, Tidy Plates itself had an update at curse http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/tidy-plates which brings it up to ver 6.6.0 and now Threat Plates have some issues in tanking mode, either the health bar will be empty or it'll disappear when the agro is transferred to you, or you gain agro on said mob. Thanks.
File: GTFO02-23-12
Thanks for fix
Posted By: Grungra
It'll be a while, I'll report next week since it's an odd error and only reported it cause that day it didn't seem to want to go away. So far so good logged out and back in like 10 times and tried to make it happen. Thanks. :) ------------------------------------------------ It's been long enough and I've stepped on anything t...
File: GTFO02-21-12
Error with skada
Posted By: Grungra
I get the following error from time to time, UI reloading usually fixes it, but sometimes it goes back to doing it... like it did today: 11x GTFO-4.12.1\GTFO_Skada.lua:37: attempt to index field "alert" (a nil value) GTFO-4.12.1\GTFO_Skada.lua:37: in function GTFO-4.12.1\GTFO_Skada.lua:264: in function...
File: XLoot 1.0 (Inactive)01-04-12
Left or right click to pick up items.
Posted By: Grungra
Is that something that you will implement on this new xloot? Tried it before and I'm so used to right clicking to pick up items it's second nature. Looking thru the changes haven't seen it mentioned. Thanks for taking the time and energy to update your addons, it's greatly appreciated even if most of the time myself included onl...
File: Molinari12-21-11
Posted By: Grungra
Lockpicking on my rogue has stopped working, not sure when it stopped cause the rogue is an alt and doesn't get that much playtime. I press the alt key and i get the glow around the item but on left or right click it won't try to unlock it. It doesn't produce any errors, it just seems to be trying but nothing happens... prospecting...
File: XBar12-21-11
Masque support
Posted By: Grungra
The author of buttonfacade has deprecated the addon and moved on to a new one called Masque. Could we get that supported instead, buttons aren't being skinned or if you got into the options for masque it will attempt to skin it for a a bit of time and then the look will go away. Thanks.
File: RobBossMods05-09-11
v0.43 - bugfix from v0.42 was bugg...
Posted By: Grungra
v0.43 - bugfix from v0.42 was buggy :) - manually modified LibBabbleBoss so that new Bosses finally should be translated ( at least for the 4 supported languages ) Hi, I was getting errors for Jin'do the Godbreaker translation missing, even if you modify your embedded lib, if another addon loads a later version than the one you...
File: Class Colors11-19-10
Class colors in blizzard's raid window
Posted By: Grungra
Since the last patch, the raid window was getting the colors wrong, if I moved people around from group to group they would take the same color as my character... if I played on mage they would all turn light blue, as hunter they would go all green. Did they change something on their code that would make that happen? No errors at a...
File: Spell Overlay Timer11-10-10
Looking at the previous error, I se...
Posted By: Grungra
Looking at the previous error, I see another addon in there, extraspellalert. So disabled that one to see if it would be a compatibility problem between the addons, and the error still came up... minus the other addon: 2x SpellOverlayTimer-1.1\SpellOverlayTimer.lua:36: attempt to concatenate local 'timeleft' (a boolean value)
File: Spell Overlay Timer11-10-10
Tried addon, and the following erro...
Posted By: Grungra
Tried addon, and the following error shows up: 40x SpellOverlayTimer-1.1\SpellOverlayTimer.lua:36: attempt to concatenate local 'timeleft' (a boolean value) : in function `SpellActivationOverlay_ShowOverlay' Interface\FrameXML\SpellActivationOverlay.lua:48: in function
File: DeathClock11-08-10
Getting the following error when I...
Posted By: Grungra
Getting the following error when I right click the frame to send it to grp or raid even by myself: 1x DeathClock-\DeathClock.lua:359: attempt to compare nil with number DeathClock-\DeathClock.lua:347: in function `Bark' DeathClock-\DeathClock.lua:232: in function Locals:...
File: Target For Me 211-01-10
Hi, kept getting an error with tidy...
Posted By: Grungra
Hi, kept getting an error with tidyplates threat about profiles already being registered and it was working fine before I replaced TFM with your new addon, must be a fluke on their part too. My guess is that when you register and add your profiles with ace, you can (should?) name your profiles with your addon name. Went searching f...