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File: ZoneSpec06-19-13
subzones included?
Posted By: Palisis
Are subzones of an area included? For example, could we use this on specific bosses and/or portions of a raid?
File: SasUI11-21-11
I dont see any other comments regar...
Posted By: Palisis
I dont see any other comments regarding this, but maybe you can help... Im having issues click on party target frames. sometimes it selects the player above or below the one Im clicking. Feels like its out of order and one player is not accounted for. Any reason this might be happening?
File: PhoenixStyle10-08-11
Originally posted by shurshik @ T...
Posted By: Palisis
Originally posted by shurshik @ Tonyleila didn`t found any API to get/set tanks roles :/ Hmmm. its not possibile, as I understand, to add tanks by addon without clicking some frame... So it`s not easy to do :/ How about instead of setting tanks, do a role check upon raid being full or setting instance difficulty?
File: shNameplates09-29-11
Any chance you could assist me in a...
Posted By: Palisis
Any chance you could assist me in applying a border to the frames? Ive tweaked the config as needed, with diff fonts and background images, but the border is missing on the frames to match my UI. Any help would be appreciated :)
File: AftermathhUI09-24-11
Re: Re: UI scale
Posted By: Palisis
Thanks for the previous response. Got another oddity on my UI. I play various toons, and I noticed that my main chat edit box is always on, and its right over the tabs. On my other toons, its not, it only shows up when I hit enter to type in chat box. Any ideas what is causing this? Id like the chat box to show up only when I hit...
File: AftermathhUI09-18-11
UI scale
Posted By: Palisis
Hello. Love the addon but would like to scale down the whole interface. Where is the setting to scale this down.
File: gxCooldowns08-13-10
Just waiting for some sexy buttonfa...
Posted By: Palisis
Just waiting for some sexy buttonfacade support :)
File: AchievementSnap12-22-09
Any chance of a colaboration with P...
Posted By: Palisis
Any chance of a colaboration with PerfectScreenshot? Id really like to be able to get auto screenshots of achievements (with the achievement frame) while turning off things like the UI/chat frame