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File: MayronUI Gen408-20-12
Re: antialiasing
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How do you set up this UI for an alt? I've tried copying another character's folder, copying your "starter" folder... nothing seems to work.
File: Tattoo Minimap02-08-11
Originally posted by ghostxi Than...
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Originally posted by ghostxi Thank you very very very very very much!!!!!:banana: You are very nice. One other thing... when this addon is put at the bottom of the screen, the info for the dungeonfinder gets cut off. Could you fix this to collide with the edges of the screen?
File: Combuctor02-08-11
Re: Error 4.0.6
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Originally posted by xythian I get a Combuctor error with 4.0.6. The error happens on every login and prevents any items from being displayed in my Combuctor bag. I'm also getting an error, but the one I see (maybe I'm looking at the wrong one in the stack) references a "GetDummyBag" method.
File: BigBrother (Neb Edition)02-06-11
Originally posted by nebula Does...
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Originally posted by nebula Does it happen if you disable group only? Edit: I've uploaded a new version that I assume will fix alerts and adds in the icon toggle. Let me know if it actually works as I don't really know anyone to test with, lol. Edit Edit: Actually I read that wrong, it fails when cast on someone with special...
File: BigBrother (Neb Edition)02-03-11
Apparently, the "Misdirect" reporti...
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Apparently, the "Misdirect" reporting does not work if you cast on someone with special characters in their name. I tried this with my rogue casting tricks on raid members, and only those with special characters in their names failed to report. In addition, an option to disable showing raid symbols in announcements would also be...
File: Tattoo Minimap02-03-11
Yes, I'd prefer this as well. Othe...
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Yes, I'd prefer this as well. Otherwise, amazing addon.
File: BigBrother (Neb Edition)01-03-11
Have you considered making a graphi...
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Have you considered making a graphical set of options for this mod? There are a lot of slash commands and it gets unwieldy.
File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-15-10
Originally posted by Satrina Get...
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Originally posted by Satrina Get 3.1.23 to fix the totem problem you quoted. People who are having buffs disappear in combat - give me details on where you are, what you're doing, what buffs you have, etc. I am running around Icecrown blowing stuff up endlessly without that problem. It's happening to me while just sitting o...
File: Finalflo UI10-14-10
Originally posted by Finalflo I j...
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Originally posted by Finalflo I just updated a new version. Dominos is fixed and teh FPS aswell. It was du to some addon which where in infinite loop like ItemRack. I disabled some AddOns cause they are buggy and not updated yet. When everything will be updated I may reconfigure my UI from scrach so that it will be less buggy...