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File: dNamePlates10-25-10
Greetings dawn, I am having an issu...
Posted By: necromessiah
Greetings dawn, I am having an issue with the raid icons and the other graphics that attach to the cast bars. Numerous times when icons are used, or when specific abilities are cast, the icon sticks to my screen. Not only that, but sometimes (like on HLK with valkyr's) I can get the same icon's stuck on my screen more than once. T...
File: MetaMap10-21-10
does this map mod play well with others?
Posted By: necromessiah
I use carbonite for alt leveling and resource farming (herb/mining etc).. will metamap work with carbonite for the zoom in detail that Cartographer once had? Used Cart for YEARS and am sad to have to look for another map mod.
File: oUF Aion UI10-22-09
Posted By: necromessiah
Okay, I got it to work.. and it is F***ing beautiful. I do have a serious problem though. The setup, even with all settings set to minimum is an EXTREME resource hog, it literally crashed my WoW while in my raid today (this is a first, and it only happened today when I was using the Aion setup). Is there something i am missing to...