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File: oUF_Diablo09-01-12
player unitframe
Posted By: todivine
say i'm using this as a stand alone unitframes addon how do i get the player unitframe to show up say like the party frames do ... is there a way to set that up?
File: Select08-31-12
pets macro
Posted By: todivine
i am currently having an issue with the pets macro showing the pets but then i click on one it tells me i dont have that pet and that happened with all my pets i'm not having this issue with my mounts i'm not sure how to fix this but if anyone can help that would be awesome!
File: LUI v308-24-10
Re: quest objectives
Posted By: todivine
Originally posted by katiekat424 Hi im sure you're probably gotten this question before but there are 5,064 comments on here and id rather not have to read through all of them =) I installed the ui a few days ago and have had no problems at all except that my objectives thingy is only showing me 1 or 2 quests at a time. ive gone...