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File: FreeUI09-04-12
I wanna move the buffs, where's the...
Posted By: nta
I wanna move the buffs, where's the code for that?
File: FreeUI07-09-12
Hi, yeah, so, I'm sorry if these qu...
Posted By: nta
Hi, yeah, so, I'm sorry if these questions have been asked before. Since it's quite a big thread now it'll take me quite some time to read so you'll have to excuse me. Onward to my question. I love you're UI, but as most people I wanna give it a personal touch. I'm really new to .lua and I was wondering how I change the look of th...
File: LUI v309-28-09
Minor problem!
Posted By: nta
Hi there! Really neat UI! I just have a minor problem. It seems that one of the "bg boxes" aint my friend really and I dont know how to fix this. Check out the pic to see the problem and gain a better understanding. Thanks! http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/772/wowscrnshot092809174830.jpg