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File: QuestKing 209-14-15
QoL improvement
Posted By: muek
Hi great addon, i only have one request which is how hard is it to make the tracker automatically hide under certain conditions eg. Raid , dungeon, BG. Thanks for the great addon.
File: NugRunning10-25-12
You probably using some skin that d...
Posted By: muek
You probably using some skin that doesn't support latest changes. (Dot power indicator doesn't exist there) Mono UI? yup :) i reverted back to 5.1.1a for now
File: NugRunning10-25-12
Posted By: muek
Hi im getting these errors ever since i updated from version 5.1.1a Interface\AddOns\NugRunning\frame.lua:140: attempt to index field 'status' (a nil value) : ? Interface\AddOns\NugRunning\frame.lua:140: in function `SetPowerStatus' Interface\AddOns\NugRunning\NugRunning.lua:930: in function `UpdateTimerPower' Interface\AddOn...
File: NugRunning10-15-12
I haven't added them before because...
Posted By: muek
I haven't added them before because i didn't have 90lvl mage on beta and i don't have it now too, so... https://github.com/rgd87/NugRunning/wiki/NugRunningUserConfig see the "Figuring out spellID" part. For Invocation buff any of the first two methods will work. For Rune of Power try this: Spell( 116014, { name = "Rune of Power"...
File: NugRunning10-14-12
Add spells
Posted By: muek
How would i go about adding these spells Rune of Power and Invocation. I tried using the template of the other spells but i doesnt seem to work. Thanks for the great addon btw
File: Mono UI10-05-12
Minimap and tooltip problem
Posted By: muek
Hi mono and thanks for the update but im having two problems. The first one with the tooltip since i change its scale after a few minutes it goes back to the original scale and the other its got to do with the minimap the tooltips for the mining and herb nodes dont show up. i dont have any erros so dont know whats wrong.
File: AiL09-23-12
Re: Re: Re: not able to inspect
Posted By: muek
its working now thanks
File: AiL09-18-12
not able to inspect
Posted By: muek
Hi im getting a interesting bug happening when ail is enabled, i cant inspect other people, i tried this with just ail enable and same result once i disable ail the inspect window pops up as expected. Theres no error message it just doesnt show
File: Mono UI08-03-12
Sorting in bags
Posted By: muek
Hi mono long time user. Love your ui just have a request that could make this compilation even better. Its to add a sort button to the bags to perform stacking and sorting function in the bags and bank. I know that are addons that do this kind of function (ie MrPlow) but if you have the time and inclination i would appreciate it.
File: oUF_Nivea09-15-10
Originally posted by Dawn It's no...
Posted By: muek
Originally posted by Dawn It's not that easy, because it would require a function that checks whether the target unit is hostile or not. It's something to think about, though. Question is: Where to put the buffs for hostile and debuffs for friendly units, then? :rolleyes: Party will only show in party, raid in raid ... without...
File: oUF_Nivea09-13-10
Swaping frames buffs
Posted By: muek
Hi I apologize if this has been answered but i couldn't find the answer, is it possible to show on top of the target frame buffs when it's a friendly unit and debuffs when its a hostile unit, if so what do i need to change in the lua if it isn't much bother .:) Thanks in advance. Muek P.S: is it possible to show the party an...
File: TinyDPS07-03-10
Hi Anyway to put class colors in t...
Posted By: muek
Hi Anyway to put class colors in the bar instead of the text can't seem to find the option thanks in advance
File: shPerformance (mem/fps/ms)07-03-10
Originally posted by Tearshon Jus...
Posted By: muek
Originally posted by Tearshon Just switch to using Bazooka from Fubar after the last patch. I started to notice every 5 seconds or so I would get a stutter and my fps would drop by half for a split second. Made it very annoying to try and play with the small pause every few seconds. I disabled all addons and re-enabled them one...