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File: ElvUI Shadow & Light07-27-12
Moving Action Bars
Posted By: tvszmw
Is there any way to either move the action bars or add more action bars-I am a center of the screen kind of guy and really love to have my action bars in the middle-usually 3 or 4 but none of the elv ui models have more than 2. can someone please help with this.
File: DecUI05-10-12
action bars
Posted By: tvszmw
Is there anyway to get more than two action bars on the bottom-I like to have more bars in the middle.
File: DecUI12-05-11
4.3 in firelands raid
Posted By: tvszmw
I was getting 6 to 7 lula error messages in firelands raid tonight-i updated the first day you put out but the lula error messages kept popping up during fights-i actually had to disable the elviui so i could finish the raid-help i love this ui and am looking for a replacement for raiding until you get fixed.