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File: Neav UI11-23-14
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I have attached a picture of a level 100 and I was wondering is there a way to get the level centered it doesn't look quite right. Coke
File: Neav UI11-21-14
Re: Nameplates
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Absolutely love the UI, been using it for a while now and I've been wondering how to disable the nameplates and use the default blizzard? I use tidyplates atm to replace the UI's plates, but I'd like to go back to blizzard and install additional nameplate features (arenaplates). Go to your World of Wacraft/Interface/AddOns Folder...
File: PhanxChat11-17-14
Re: Re: Request
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You can change the abbreviation text in Localization.lua, and you can change the formatting (brackets, etc) in Core.lua; there are come commented lines at the top explaining what to change for different things. Thank You Coke
File: QuestHelperLite11-16-14
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When I have the world map open and click on a quest that shows but not in my zone this error pops up with bugrabber: 2x FrameXML\WorldMapFrame.lua:2519: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'posX' (a nil value) FrameXML\WorldMapFrame.lua:2519: in function Locals:
File: PhanxChat11-16-14
Posted By: cokedrivers
Not sure if this falls under the Custom Font but I have a couple requests: 1) Can there be a option to do instead of 1| for channel numbers and names? 2) Can channel name be changed (lower case g| to me is not eye pleasing) Other then that great addon. Coke
File: Neav UI11-15-14
nMainbar Issue's
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While in the new zone I am noticing that cool downs are not updating until I mouse over them (mostly on the MultibarRight and Multibarleft) also range coloring seems to glitch out now and then also. It does not pop a error (that !BugGrabber catches) so not sure how to go about making it happen again. Coke
File: Neav UI11-15-14
Is there a way to display more than...
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Is there a way to display more than two active quests at the same time? I dug through the LUA files and in game options and can't figure it out. This is not a NeavUI issue, you need to press ESC/Interface/Objectives and see how you are tracking youe quests, or maybe you have a different addon installed that is for questing. Coke
File: Buffet11-14-14
I was looking thru your
Posted By: cokedrivers
I was looking thru your Database.lua it seems you have change how things are done, I have a few questions for you: 1) Does this mean Buffet will auto update new food? 2) If No to question 1 how do we go about adding new items to the lists. As always Thank You for the great addon and Thank You for your time involved with all y...
File: Neav UI11-04-14
i'm having these issues with the un...
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i'm having these issues with the unit frame since the pre wod patch. yet it seems to be working for you guys since i haven't found any similar problems withen the last few posts. so, what is wrong here with my game? :( Are you pulling from the github link on the main page or just downloadin...
File: Neav UI11-03-14
So I'm having some problems with th...
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So I'm having some problems with this UI.... On one of my characters it looks perfect and on everyone else it looks bugged. I use this addon with ouf_abu's unit frames. "broken" ui: Working ui: Have anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it? What...
File: Neav UI11-02-14
Hello all, sorry to be a pest, but...
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Hello all, sorry to be a pest, but I seem to be having one small other issue. It looks like I'm getting some overlap between the NeavRaid stuff, Blizzard's default, and something else. I tried disabling NeavRaid to see if it made a difference but I don't think it did. Here's some pictures. - This is...
File: nExtras10-26-14
Just updated. Thanks for the great...
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Just updated. Thanks for the great addon. Noticed my chat border is gone too. Can I just rip the code from the old version and drop it in (with any graphics it needs obviously)? The reason I remove the chat border is because nChat now has its own border. nChat/config.lua/enableChatWindowBorder = false set this to true and...
File: Neav UI10-23-14
New Error: 2x ..._ObjectiveTrack...
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New Error: 2x ..._ObjectiveTracker\Blizzard_BonusObjectiveTracker.lua:32: attempt to get length of field 'rewards' (a nil value) ..._ObjectiveTracker\Blizzard_BonusObjectiveTracker.lua:32: in function `OnFreeBlock' ...zzard_ObjectiveTracker\Blizzard_ObjectiveTracker.lua:197: in function `FreeBlock' ...zzard_ObjectiveTracker\Bli...
File: Neav UI10-22-14
Just a heads up I get this error......
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Just a heads up I get this error... 8x ...oUF_NeavRaid\modules\oUF_AuraWatch\oUF_AuraWatch.lua:293: oUF_AuraWatch error: no spell with 51945 spell ID exists : ? : ? FrameXML\RestrictedFrames.lua:604: in function FrameXML\RestrictedFrames.lua:742: in function `CallMethod' :52: in function <:...
File: Neav UI10-18-14
Wow has implemented a text cool dow...
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Wow has implemented a text cool down timer in the standard UI so if you want you can remove OmniCC from your addon list. Ive also noticed the tooltip keeps showing the lighter background and not the darker one. On a side not for all the classes that have pets can you set the standard hight of the castbar to 160 this will put it...
File: nData10-15-14
WoD 6.0.2
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I haven't played to much yet so if you find any bugs please let me know. Thanks Coke
File: nData08-10-14
so... where can i change the positi...
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so... where can i change the position from bottom to top? There is no longer a option to move the panel to the top of the screen. Coke
File: BasicUI08-08-14
Re: About data panel
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Anyone can help me how to add neav border for data panel?Atm is set to BASIC_BORDERPANEL but id like to have neav,thanks. Sorry but there is no more support for a Neav Border for the Datapanel. Coke
File: Neav UI05-17-14
I made a DBM skin for my UI thought...
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I made a DBM skin for my UI thought you guys would like it too. BobDBM nCore has a skinning file for recount, DBM, and I think one more. I believe its just called skins.lua or skinning.lua can't remember. But nice work. Coke
File: BasicUI05-10-14
Need to learn more!
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I'm going to be putting BasicUI on the back burner untill I personally learn lua better. Alot of this addon was created by others and I just combined it all together. Once I learn lua I will then restart working on this addon. I would like to thank the people that have and are using this UI. My Special Thanks goes out to: Phanx...
File: nData05-04-14
Re: New update?
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Hey Coke, you uploaded another 5.4.7 that's 10k greater in size than the previous, but nothing in the change log. Just wondering my friend and keep up the good work :) - Chrome67 Yes, I feel if I keep going 5.4.? I will run out of 5.4's and with my OCD I will not match WoW's version LOL, if you really want to see the change...
File: nData04-21-14
ummm... whenever i reload ui, my pl...
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ummm... whenever i reload ui, my player frames move to the original positions. do you have the panel at the top of your screen or the bottom? If it is at the top it is set to move the playerframe and targetframe to make room for the panel. Coke
File: BasicUI03-31-14
Good to see you're still working on...
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Good to see you're still working on this! :banana: Thank You very much. I hope I can keep up with everyone's expectations and keep them happy. Coke
File: Neav UI02-18-14
Some one got an version of neals co...
Posted By: cokedrivers
Some one got an version of neals compilation for TBC? you might be able to goto the get site listed on the main page to see if it tracks back that far.
File: BasicUI02-04-14
Posted By: cokedrivers
Im looking for some raiding people to see if I have the lag issue fixed for raiding, it seems tobe working fine in the open world. If you raid and use BasicUI please post feed back if all is working or with what issues you have. Works In Progress: A) Flashing Minimap Nodes (like Mappy) to better help when farming ore and her...