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File: FoxSmoothUI05-06-12
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: FoxSmoothUI
Posted By: Helenmirren
with last update, druid cat prowl issue seems to be resolved, and rogue still working as intended as well. Now, if I could just call a pet I would be good to go. Have been using a mod called 'obar' here lately - compact, nice button placement and call pet button present and accounted for. Thanks! okey dokey - don't real...
File: FoxSmoothUI04-29-12
Re: Re: Re: Re: FoxSmoothUI
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okey dokey - don't really swap pets all that often - might check into a macro solution. As for the druid - if I am in cat form and not prowling, let's say I have A, B and C as spells. If I am prowling, I have D, E and F. When I switch to prowl, D, E and F do not page onto the main bar, but A, B and C remain. A, B, and C rem...
File: FoxSmoothUI04-29-12
Re: Re: FoxSmoothUI
Posted By: Helenmirren
Thanks sir! Thinks working well with rogue now. Still doesn't work for druid - they may page to different bar than 7, I do not know. Only other bug that leaps out at me is if you attempt to place a button on a bar that calls a pet (hunter or warlock), you cannot do so - the button will not stick. Thanks again! I like t...
File: FoxSmoothUI04-27-12
Posted By: Helenmirren
I like the mod - looks very good. The only issue I am having that's keeping me from using it, and it may well be my fault, is that is doesn't page. When I stealth on my rogue or druid, the main action bar (any of em for that matter) does not switch, and whichever bar becomes active (bar 7?) is not available, so I pretty mu...
File: SaifUI moonkin 1366x768 (ElvUI edition)11-17-11
oh, it is not. Looks fine - like...
Posted By: Helenmirren
oh, it is not. Looks fine - like 90% of the rest of them
File: Tattoo Minimap08-20-11
This is one great minimap addon....
Posted By: Helenmirren
This is one great minimap addon. Thanks!
File: oUF_Anubis08-06-10
this is a great ouf layout - thanks...
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this is a great ouf layout - thanks! having a portrait is a big plus for me as well