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File: DocsNameplates08-28-10
Posted By: questionn
hi, any solution to change the color of the name above the nameplate in pvp ? i like the color of the nameplate (by class), but i want the name in red :p and for name's friends too (in blue) ! just like in docs nameplates v3.1 ty !
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)07-25-10
Posted By: questionn
Hi, i'm a big fan of your nameplates... and of blizz ui too my question is : is there a way to just take the nameplates of your ui and put it in blizz ui ? ty
File: Class Colors10-22-09
Posted By: questionn
hi, can i active this addon for the default ui bar ? i need the healthbar colored by class
File: Aloft06-15-09
only my target ?
Posted By: questionn
hi, can i active Aloft for my target ONLY ?