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File: DecUI12-24-12
Cast bar text
Posted By: Yinlor
Started WoW back up again recently and absolutely love the UI, I've managed to get everything just how I like it, except for one small little problem. The cast bar text is still class coloured, I despise class coloured text, most of it looks terrible to me. I can change the text colour for everything EXCEPT my cast bar text, I cop...
File: DecUI01-03-12
Actionbar tooltips
Posted By: Yinlor
I just got the UI and am absolutely loving it, it's very well made and everything it tucked away in a great place, I've managed to tweak it to my liking with the exception of two things: 1) Most importantly, the tooltips in my actionbar, this UI has set them to just give me the name of the attack when I hover my mouse over it, whi...
File: Gatherer06-02-09
Re: Re: Annoying menu
Posted By: Yinlor
Originally posted by forty2j /nsb off Aha! that was it, thank you very much!
File: Gatherer06-01-09
Annoying menu
Posted By: Yinlor
Is there a way to disable that very annoying little pop-up menu thing at the edge of the screen? it's a little yellow tab and when you mouse over it, it expands to show both a Gatherer icon and a !Swatter icon. Any help would be much appreciated, I've just finished customising my UI, it's all perfect now except for this one little th...