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File: Auctionator08-12-09
new version's on curse. I wish wowi...
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new version's on curse. I wish wowinterface was updated too, I prefer it here.
File: oUF_Caellian08-12-09
oooh, ToT debuffs was something I w...
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oooh, ToT debuffs was something I was seriously needing, thank you!
File: oUF RuneBar08-05-09
same error for me. Message: Inte...
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same error for me. Message: Interface\AddOns\oUF_RuneBar\oUF_RuneBar.lua:117: attempt to index global 'self' (a nil value) Time: 08/05/09 21:45:00 Count: 1 Stack: :18: in function <:4> : ? Interface\AddOns\oUF_RuneBar\oUF_RuneBar.lua:117: in function `func' Interface\AddOns\oUF\ouf.lua:484: in function
File: BankGUI07-13-09
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Hi, your main info page might need some updating to answer this question. When a guildie links tradeskill, I get option to import. I can then see the history of those links via the popup menu 'profession links', but I cannot see any other benefit. I can't seem to search their skills; the text search doesn't produce any results...
File: TweakWoW06-16-09
Originally posted by Dethedrus se...
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Originally posted by Dethedrus set processoraffinitymask "255" Looks like it improved my situation too, thanks! Brilliant tip. I blogged on it here, btw.
File: TweakWoW06-11-09
The options relating to CPU affinit...
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The options relating to CPU affinity and so on interest me; I have an Intel i7 920. I think that's a quad-core (each with 2 threads?), it has hyperthreading: which affinity and related settings is optimal? ps. read this thread to reduce in-game latency
File: oUF_Caellian06-04-09
Re: Hi Caellian
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Originally posted by olympas I have problem with Raidframe I wanna show only 5 raid groups, hide group 6,7,8 thanks oUF generally isn't that customisable unless you edit the LUA. You might know this.
File: oUF_Caellian06-02-09
GCD would be nice, but I'm very happy
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Hi mate, these frames are superb. I'm really happy. I just noticed how the debuff automatically decolours those you did not apply, leaving my own debuffs in colour. Very clever. Allowed me to remove a custom Elkano bar I had for that purpose. That feature, combined with the rune bars is very tidy too, so I disabled my Magic Runes add...