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File: aZoneText06-12-10
Originally posted by Haleth Hey,...
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Originally posted by Haleth Hey, I play on an RP (PvE) realm, and the texts such as "Sanctuary" (PVPInfoTextString, I think) aren't changed no matter what. After a bit of digging I found that it could be changed by adding "PVPArenaTextString" to the list of texts to be modified. I'll look into it. =)
File: aZoneText05-05-10
Originally posted by kappe welcom...
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Originally posted by kappe welcome back!!!!!! Glad to be back. If you guys have any feature requests or anything else to say, I would be happy to hear it. I love developing addons, so I would be more than willing to attempt to create something.
File: Comergy04-12-10
Oh.My.God. This is exactly what...
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Oh.My.God. This is exactly what I was looking for FOREVER! Thanks a ton.
File: aZoneText11-05-09
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Originally posted by kappe lovely. just need to find out how to kill that shadow. Just change the font flag from "OUTLINE" to ""
File: laFont11-03-09
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w00t. I officially feel loved. =*D my whole goal was to provide something that other people could build off of. Thanks for giving credit. Great addon.
File: aZoneText11-02-09
Re: Great work
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Originally posted by Zveroboi At last we have simple addon for move only zone text. But it would be great if you can add "world pvp info" there aswell (i.e. WG/BG score). I am working on it. Its my first actual ADDON ever. I have made some compilations, but never my own addon. It needs some work I guess. Maybe I can add some fe...
File: CBuff11-01-09
Re: Locals
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Originally posted by lanacan Only comment i can think of is: You should put the texture paths and font paths, sizes, outlines in their own local variables at the top of the lua file to make it easier to switch them. I thoroughly agree with Lanacan. It is a bit challenging to skin my own buffs when I have to spend a ton of ti...
File: Malsumis® Font Changer11-01-09
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this is absolutely the BEST addon I have ever used. So well written. Its light...and it WORKS! I love this. Keep it up!
File: AfterMath10-24-09
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isn't working on my frostbolt spell..
File: LUI v307-17-09
love it
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just giving you some props on this one. I love the sidebars too! thats awesome that you made those. Im just a newbie when it comes to writing the UI's, so great work is that much better to me... btw, reflux FTW. PS -> whats the memory footprint?
File: Raynes Iced Cherry05-10-09
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Hey Rayne, I have had some problems with Iced Cherry. For some reason, most of the profiles don't exist. The KGpanels isn't even showing up even though I loaded the layout. Pitbull4 has a problem where the unit frames are smushed to the bottom even though they aren't in the picture. The dominos profile also sets the action bars WAY o...