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File: Gatherer05-01-09
Problem with Display
Posted By: Balthazir
Hi Nikk both me and my wife use gatherer since we starting playing wow agine back in november 08. both mining and herbs. however when we search after uploading DB> its kinda a pain that it shows all herbs and mines ect could you put in a opention so. if you only wanna see mines in the list. only shows mines ect same for Herbs....
File: GathererDB WoWHead05-01-09
When is the DB gonna Be updated -...
Posted By: Balthazir
When is the DB gonna Be updated - and when it is.. could we Have the Option to lose the "power crystals" as in the un'goro crator i see no nodes and only power crystals. i had to manual delete the 300+ diffrent colorued crystals. thats a pain on 2 machines. thanks Dennis :cool: