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File: LightHeaded12-01-13
Add me to the list of players grateful...
Posted By: Enitria
...for your ingenuity, time, and effort. Take care of real life first, we're not in that much of a hurry and we're not going to forget you. :)
File: SliceCommander05-22-13
FYI, v5.17 causes UI Scaling to turn on
Posted By: Enitria
Hi there. SliceCommander v5.17 causes the /Game Menu/System/Advanced/UI Scale check box to be checked if it was previously unchecked but stays checked if it was previously checked. v5.16 does not cause this to happen. It appears to happen on log in not log out. It happens when all other addons are disabled and SliceCommander is...
File: SliceCommander07-18-11
Keep Settings Between Versions
Posted By: Enitria
This is just a wish list item. Unless there's already a way to do it, would you be able to reuse the old settings when a new version comes out. All the options reset for me, unless I'm doing it wrong. Thankew
File: PlayerScore / GearScore12-14-10
Re: Lower GS is better now! LOL
Posted By: Enitria
Originally posted by aessedai Cata quest reward greens that blow away my purples have lowered my GS by 700 points so far! Not sure why higher iLevel items are having lower GS, but it's funny. First off, congratulations to seeing your original creation picked up by a major player. I bet it sure feels good! Now, back to the s...
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced11-27-10
Re: Re: Compatibility Warning
Posted By: Enitria
Originally posted by oBsolete What file/line number is this on? I'm reluctant to tell you how to modify something without the blessing of the addon developer. I can take responsibility for my own actions, but I won't put anyone who happens to read this at a potential risk. Sorry. Originally posted by Naberius I am not sure...
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced11-25-10
Compatibility Warning
Posted By: Enitria
What can I edit to get rid of the "...AtlasLoot v6 is only compatible..." message. I multibox and I hop on and off a lot of characters and it's getting as annoying as not having portals in Dalaran any more. Thank you for an otherwise great and most useful add-on. EDIT: Belay my last, I found the offending code and now it won't...
File: LightHeaded12-19-09
Originally posted by Zasurus Oh i...
Posted By: Enitria
Originally posted by Zasurus Oh is there a way of removing the nice effect when closing and opening it? I know you can disable the sound but I was hopping for something quicker... like instant so I can leave it closed when just checking quests and if I am stuck THEN quickly open it and close it again :-) Try /lh page. I think...
File: TwoBox Toolkit06-23-09
Originally posted by Gnutelbit he...
Posted By: Enitria
Originally posted by Gnutelbit hey guys i'm back. Sorry for being gone for so long. I had givin up on 2boxing but i picked it up again. I just updated the mod for 3.1 and included the fix from Enitria for the party invite bug. If there any other bug or feature idea please let me know i haven't read all the post yet but judgi...
File: TwoBox Toolkit04-25-09
Originally posted by Nevyr28 Your...
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Originally posted by Nevyr28 Your changes worked for me Enitria, thanks! You are quite welcome! I'm also going to add a remote mount command, I know how, I just need to find the time to provide a UI so you don't have to edit the lua for whatever mount(s) you may be using. Heh, for the most part I'd rather use my spare time t...
File: TwoBox Toolkit04-21-09
Re: Re: update ?
Posted By: Enitria
If you're feeling up to it, you can mod the file yourself. You have to edit one function and add a new one. It's easy and fun!!! Log out of WoW and go to the Interface\AddOns\twoboxtoolkit folder Backup the twoboxtoolkit.lua file by copying and pasting with a different name. Open the twoboxtoolkit.lua file with a text editor....