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File: Dominos Beta07-12-16
Re: Re: feature requests
Posted By: bessiq
http://thecomeback.com/awfulannouncing/wp-content/uploads/sites/94/2015/02/Screen-Shot-2015-02-19-at-11.56.00-AM.png For Dominos Progress I'll be adding: * Lock display mode - When unchecked, the xp bar will auto switch between honor, reputation, and xp * Compress values - Will convert to the 99k notation * Show labels - When u...
File: Dominos Beta07-11-16
feature requests
Posted By: bessiq
Hey, Really liking the new changes, but I do kinda miss being able to see more than one config menu on screen at once. It's really just my personal preference, so I can respect it if you want config mode to be cleaner looking. Regarding progress bar text: Any chance you can make a toggle to condense the values for the XP bar...
File: Dominos Beta07-10-16
Posted By: bessiq
Hi Tuller, Didn't know if you wanted issues reported on here or github, but went with github: https://github.com/tullamods/Dominos/issues/218 Basically, toggling the XP bar crashes the beta client on my characters that have the artifact weapon. Crazy! New menus are looking nice, though! And welcome back custom textures!
File: Dominos Beta06-21-16
Yes, texture options will come back...
Posted By: bessiq
Yes, texture options will come back. For removing the lines between segments, you can always set the segment count down to 1. Ohhh, cool. Thanks!
File: Dominos Beta06-11-16
Heyo, Tuller! It looks like Blizzar...
Posted By: bessiq
Heyo, Tuller! It looks like Blizzard fixed addon textures in the latest beta build, so ya think there's any chance of the bar texture option returning? On a related note, will you include a way to remove the lines/gradient between segments on XP/rep/AP bars? Thanks!
File: Inline Aura (Fan Update)10-17-14
Inline Aura was re-written and re-r...
Posted By: bessiq
Inline Aura was re-written and re-released as AdiButtonAuras. This fan update was not necessary. ;) I have tryed AdiButtonAuras but it did not had the filters that come with inline auras by default: -Show combo Points on Buttons -Show <20% or whatever you want it to be -Link spells with special Buffs - highlight when enemy casts...
File: Buffet09-24-12
Wasn't finding some new lvl 85 food...
Posted By: bessiq
Wasn't finding some new lvl 85 food I bought (Cornmeal Biscuit -- restores 100k hp), so I went diving into the .lua files and somehow figured it out! Open Database.lua and go to the appropriate section, in my case 'ns.food', and in that list of numbers add a new one: the first number is the item ID of the food, and the second numb...
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends08-26-12
Tooltip for guild module not workin...
Posted By: bessiq
Tooltip for guild module not working for me. Added a couple test friends and friend tooltip works as expected, and mysteriously adds one guildmate to the guild tooltip (even though 25 are online). Tried with no tooltip addons enabled with same result. 7x Ara_Broker_Guild_Friends.lua:892: attempt to compare number with nil Ara_Bro...
File: Dominos Beta08-13-12
Same problem here (crashing upon lo...
Posted By: bessiq
Same problem here (crashing upon logout). Using Windows 7 64 bit. Tried multiple test scenarios and it only happens when Dominos is enabled. Ditto.
File: QuestClicks02-12-11
Tooltip option
Posted By: bessiq
It would be nice to be able to allow the tooltip to anchor to Blizzard's default anchor location or at least have a way to suppress/scale it; as it is currently, the tooltip actually covers up the buttons making them hard to see (likely because I have it in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, but it fits perfectly into my UI t...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)01-09-11
Is there a reason the party frame w...
Posted By: bessiq
Is there a reason the party frame won't immediately show up when I invite someone while I'm already in combat? I often grab people when I am killing a heavily camped mob (like all the quests in Tol Barad), and it'd be nice for the party frame to populate right when they accept. I think the default Blizzard frames do that, and X-Per...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)01-08-11
Do I have to change the x/y of each...
Posted By: bessiq
Do I have to change the x/y of each raid frame header individually to have them grow from left to right, or is there a global "growth" setting that I am overlooking? I really want them to grow top/down and left/right, and they are going right/left by default. I changed the x/y of each header and that worked, but WoW crashed and I h...
File: Livestock - Cataclysm11-24-10
Livestock and GiveMeX mount macros...
Posted By: bessiq
Livestock and GiveMeX mount macros are not working in the old/new zones in 4.0.3a. I assume it's trying to cast a flying mount but I haven't seen anyone else reporting this issue, so maybe it's just me?
File: Outfitter10-08-10
Getting this LUA error on PTR
Posted By: bessiq
Outfitter *seems* to be working properly, but thought I'd pass this along in case you wanted to check it out. Great addon! Pasted the error into a google doc so it wouldn't take up this whole page of comments lol: https://docs.google.com/document/edit?id=1kczmKohybBSAlQSzuSOQPNMbNUMPSMaIdytzvFGTjDM&hl=en&authkey=CMep5I8P
File: Broker_Garbage10-03-10
I have a feature request. I curren...
Posted By: bessiq
I have a feature request. I currently use an addon called AutoLootToggle, which simply allows me to toggle off Blizzard's AutoLoot when I join a raid/party. It's a bit outdated and I have no idea if it works with Cata (about to try it on PTR), but if you felt like implementing this feature into Broker_Garbage I may just <3 you fore...
File: Aloft10-19-09
Re: Re: Re: Release: Aloft-2.8.11-1431
Posted By: bessiq
Originally posted by acapela sorry for the inconvenience. on the surface, it looks like a piece of Aloft (specifically the piece with this missing "AddDST" method) did not install correctly, or is not being loaded at game start. (and the error is in some "initialization" code that is currently unused, so as you suggest it should no...
File: Aloft10-19-09
Re: Release: Aloft-2.8.11-1431
Posted By: bessiq
Getting this error at startup with today's build: Message: ...dOns\Aloft\AloftIsTotemTag\AloftIsTotemTagLocale.lua:217: attempt to call method 'AddDST' (a nil value) Time: 10/19/09 17:47:12 Count: 1 Stack: :18: in function <:4> : in function `AddDST' ...dOns\Aloft\AloftIsTotemTag\AloftIsTotemTagLocale.lua:217: in main chunk...
File: Bongos305-27-08
xp bar text
Posted By: bessiq
The xp bar text still disappears once I mouse-over it one time, regardless of whether it is displaying rep or xp. I have the "always show" box checked for text. Anyone else having this problem? Could it be a conflict with Bongos Cornucopia? Thanks!
File: Bongos305-25-08
xp bar text
Posted By: bessiq
Bongos3 1.2b: Even when I set the xp bar text to 'always show', it will disappear after the first mouse-over (it reappears on mouse-hover). i like seeing xp/rep number values at all times...which was working before this newest version. Thanks! <3 tullermods
File: ShaderMod CritTracker 3.0 Modded02-04-08
Doesn't seem to work for cat form o...
Posted By: bessiq
Doesn't seem to work for cat form on my druid, no matter what settings I change. I think it does Shred and that is it...makes me sad. :( edit: it does seem to work sometimes, i have it set to announce if 1 or greater crits, did 5 just then, but sometimes it doesn't report at all, even multi-crit sprees...kinda flaky i guess? do...
File: Saeris's LootLink02-13-07
stop the spam
Posted By: bessiq
New version spams my chat window with "item with unrecognized suffix" messages. I cannot see any way to turn this off.
File: FuBar - QuestsFu02-01-07
Re: Re: Lock
Posted By: bessiq
The newest version of this addon (as of 02/01/07) is giving me a HUGE problem. When I moused over the info panel that pops up (in lieu of opening the quest log), the mouse becomes "attached" to it automatically and will not unattach. This means I cannot press any buttons, move camera, or do anything with the mouse but move that pan...