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File: Rematch 4.0 Beta09-26-15
XP %
Posted By: Sinakul
Was the omission of the XP % an oversight or intended? :confused: Didn't realize how much I missed it until this last Pet Battle Weekend event.
File: Rematch 4.0 Beta09-13-15
updates and opinions
Posted By: Sinakul
Since I made a point to request specific things to remain, I thought it only fair to continue to test to it out after each update. Most times I'd use it a few hours and return to my beloved 3.xx . :eek: This latest current build has been installed since it went live. :o I'm still getting used to how some things have changed. I...
File: Rematch 4.0 Beta09-06-15
Can you reword what you mean by unl...
Posted By: Sinakul
Can you reword what you mean by unload a team? Do you mean reload? You can reload a team by clicking the name of the team above the loaded pets. In 3.xx you can right click on a team's name at the very top and "unload team" is one of the options. Yes, I did resolve my issue exactly as you described. I picked one team as the...
File: Rematch 4.0 Beta09-05-15
Posted By: Sinakul
I ran into a frustrating problem last night recreating some teams that were "lost" when 6.2.2 went live. Before the lost I had tabs set up for specific purposes such as awfully big adventure and celestial tournament for example. I can only create one team for a target. For example I have two different strategies I'd wanted to try fo...
File: Rematch 4.0 Beta08-20-15
integration and other points of critique
Posted By: Sinakul
Things I like in 4.0 :) I have mixed feelings on integration with pet journal. Due to how if you are editing in rematch 3.xx it can seem "funny" in pet journal if opened. For this reason, it is a smoother, less confusing process to have it integrated and does have some benefits; otherwise, it is a rather large window and takes up a...
File: DecUI04-18-15
Re: Cooline Help
Posted By: Sinakul
Hey, I recently found your UI and I like it allot. I have installed it and got everything moved and re-sized to where things work best for me. However the Coolline is giving me issues. I re-size the bar to where i want it and when I reload it pops back to the original position of where the bar was set when the ui was originally in...
File: DecUI03-01-15
Re: Re: Re: Quest log/Objectives
Posted By: Sinakul
Bottom right corner of left chat panel, click on the "L"; this unlocks everything and makes them movable. Remember when you make changes to this character it is saved per character; meaning you will have to do it for each character after logging in OR you can update/create a default profile to speed up the process for subsequent char...
File: DecUI03-01-15
Re: Quest log/Objectives
Posted By: Sinakul
How do I move the Objective (quest log) which is located under the minimap? I want to move it to the left side or maybe just further down. But I can't seem to grip it using shift, right click, ctrl click, alt click etc. So I am doing something wrong, I think. Bottom right corner of left chat panel, click on the "L"; this unlocks...
File: DecUI02-12-15
Minimap Button Bar
Posted By: Sinakul
I'm one of these ppl that likes a lot of minimap buttons or a broker. With your UI I'm going the button route; however, in it's current configuration my bar is growing kinda long. I've downscaled from 28 (default) to 24 but this is a temporary fix at best. Is it possible to customize the number of columns, buttons, etc.? If not, any...
File: Broker_Everything11-10-14
Confused about modules
Posted By: Sinakul
Meant to ask this with prior bug report but I forgot. There are at least three modules whose description states references to currencies. :confused: So exactly what is the distinction between currency, followers, missions, and garrisons? I'm familiar with currency module, I assume garrisons will be handy after WoD goes live later thi...
File: Broker_Everything11-10-14
Portals missing
Posted By: Sinakul
I loved the option of using GPS right click on my mage for teleports/portals. After this "upgrade" they are gone. Please o please restore them.
File: MayronUI Gen406-03-14
Re: 4.0 Preview
Posted By: Sinakul
I also want to show you all the ideas I have and want to implement for update 4.0. If you have any other ideas then let me know Is it possible to incorporate the portion of the old frame style we have download separately, into this new code/bonus features revamp? :pray: I, for one, would be jubilant for a smoother implementation.
File: MayronUI Gen409-28-13
sldt and flickering tooltips
Posted By: Sinakul
I have spent the better part of the day attempting to resolve this issue myself but it's not happening. When I mouseover the sldt "frames" at the bottom (armor, dual spec, etc) the tooltip flickers. If I move the cursor around and I'm lucky enough to find a sweet spot the flickering will stop. The sldt modules are all set to medium...
File: TIRareCoordinator - Fan Mod (RareCoordinator)09-20-13
Posted By: Sinakul
a show/hide feature please ;)
File: MayronUI Gen408-28-13
Annoying strata issue
Posted By: Sinakul
I discovered an annoying issue that I am assuming has to be with strata. Submitted GM ticket and got a response surprisingly quickly; herein lies the problem. The ticket response/survey request notification frame sits perfectly on top of Aura Frames making it impossible to interact. I looked for solutions in aura frames including unl...
File: MayronUI Gen408-18-13
does anyone knows if the ui can be...
Posted By: Sinakul
does anyone knows if the ui can be run in a 1920x1200 monitor using the 1920x1080 version? i'm upgrading from 1680x1050 to 1920x1200 and wanted to know if anybody runs it in 1920x1200 ! ( death to 16:9! larga vida 16:10 the true horde! i mean resolution) Play nice! Unless of course you have upgrades for everyone :D
File: MayronUI Gen407-31-13
Possible future
Posted By: Sinakul
My current main raiding character is a demo lock which brings up two items for me that require either additional addons or "tweaking" to current set up: pets and demonic fury. :( I absolutely hate some of the preferred addons for alt power and have been trying to make do with changes to SUF to include both my pet and fury. Please c...
File: DailyChecklist02-23-13
Needs immediate attention
Posted By: Sinakul
Just in case it's been overlooked in our excited exhuberance :banana: ----- thank you for implementing our suggestions! Really enjoying the latest updates.
File: DailyChecklist01-17-13
Suggestion for a great addon
Posted By: Sinakul
A couple friends, guildies and I are really enjoying your addon. :banana: If we may request one feature, it would be the ability to toggle the checklist on/off; a slash command, minimap button option, whichever is simplest. Thanks for your consideration. :)
File: WoW Launcher PLUS04-11-12
Re: Re: v3 realm status
Posted By: Sinakul
Since I updated to this version, the realm status comes up with a message that says "Could not fetch realm data". Can you be more specific, please? Which Region and Realm does not work? Please wait a few minutes and then try to refresh the Realm Status via clicking on the two blue arrows on the bottom of the main screen. If...
File: CalaiUI02-05-11
must one reinstall everything to up...
Posted By: Sinakul
must one reinstall everything to update to new frames?
File: Flight Map Enhanced & Times12-02-10
Posted By: Sinakul
How about the current zone being first on list with others listed alphabetically below? Great addon regardless
File: Matheney's Healing UI11-13-10
Originally posted by matheney2k I...
Posted By: Sinakul
Originally posted by matheney2k I just double checked, and everything should be completely setup for you already once you download and install it. :) what's the possiblility of getting this resized for 1680x1050? My attempt at scaling was nil since you're already set to "low" in options.
File: nUI BlueLotus10-24-10
Posted By: Sinakul
:eek: OMG!! :banana: You made it!! :banana:
File: CalaiUI10-17-10
Posted By: Sinakul
there ain't no bugs on me....might bugs on some ye mugs but there ain't no bugs on me.......:banana: sorry couldn't resist......grandson loves that commercial