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File: LightHeaded01-02-15
An observation on the problem with...
Posted By: Doskious
An observation on the problem with the LightHeaded window appearing with incorrect quest information, I was having this issue as well and while LH was up, I clicked on a different quest in my tracker. This prompted it to show the right data. After that, I was able to click on the quest I initially opened and LH showed the right dat...
File: Wholly12-17-12
Re: Re: Re: Re: TomTom Waypoints & Carbonite
Posted By: Doskious
Wholly does not offer ways to manually invoke any of the "removal" routines, but you can do them manually yourself from the command line. However, that is not going to get you the functionality you seek. Basically, when Wholly stores internally the waypoints it creates, it is actually storing the uid that TomTom returns upon waypoi...
File: Wholly12-17-12
Re: Re: TomTom Waypoints & Carbonite
Posted By: Doskious
Actually there is no way from within Wholly as I was relying on TomTom to remove the waypoints properly (by coming close, manually erasing, etc.). I am not a Carbonite user, so am unaware of what that does with respect to simulating TomTom. Wholly detects the presence of TomTom looking for specific API it provides. If you do not h...
File: Wholly12-16-12
TomTom Waypoints & Carbonite
Posted By: Doskious
Carbonite has an option to emulate TomTom by accepting /way waypoint creation, but does not react in the same fashion as TomTom when waypoints are reached or cleared. As a result, if I have Wholly create waypoints for quests, they continue to be loaded whenever I log in or reload my interface. The only solution I've found for thi...
File: FlightPath10-25-12
Interior Inaccuracies
Posted By: Doskious
I believe that the Shrines and some other Pandaria interiors are implemented with Blizzard's new "minidungeon" functionality. (Reference: comments about the Carbonite maps registering inaccurate locations in a similar fashion.) I don't know much of anything more than that, but I hope it helps. I really like the concept and idea!
File: IfThen10-14-12
Re: Re: Valid Macro Implementation not working
Posted By: Doskious
Thanks for the feedback man. This is not a bug, but how its intended to work. The addon is with regards to this stateless; meaning it has no knowledge of events past. Therefore it would not know that on the first press then it should edit the macro (with 2 statements in it) but on subsequent calls to /run IFT() it should leave it...
File: IfThen10-13-12
Valid Macro Implementation not working
Posted By: Doskious
So I really like the idea of this addon. For all but one thing I've tried to do with it, it's performed marvelously. The thing I'm trying to do, however, is ... well, not working. I play a Warlock Engineer. I have the Goblin Glider tinker and have glyphed Falling Meteor, both to ensure that no matter how far I have to fall, I...
File: Zookeeper04-14-12
Swimming outside of Vashj'ir, no non-Seahorse aquatic mounts
Posted By: Doskious
Love the addon functionality, and what it does in terms of customization etc. One small gripe, however... My main is a Mage, and cannot walk on or above water (as a Shaman, Death Knight, Priest, or sometimes Rogue can). Sometimes, I'll fall off of something, hit Feather Fall, and wind up in a body of water, swimming. 99% of t...
File: TalkToTheHand12-22-10
Quest Exclusion?
Posted By: Doskious
Great Addon, I really like the integration with the Reward-choosing addon. Is there any functionality to blacklist a quest, to prevent it from being accepted? (I'm primarily thinking of the cases where one questgiver has multiple quests that one could take, but one only wants to automatically accept some of them. The Death Knigh...
File: Prat 3.010-31-10
"Default" chat channel on login?
Posted By: Doskious
Is there any setting that can set the default chat channel to something other than /say for login? I had an addon that accomplished this, and it was nice because I usually have guild members to talk to (and hardly ever use /say) and just being able to hit 'enter' and type in /guild by default right on login was really spiffy. (Also...
File: Useful Extras04-18-09
Re: Re: Just a note
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Originally posted by EVmaker I use the same, and many thanks for the report, its great when I can get feedback to fix things like that, it'll be fixed in a moment and the fix will be included in the next release. Edit: Consequently, I hope Chiffa didn't ruRU localize based on my mispell there, as I have no way to translate that...
File: Useful Extras04-10-09
Just a note
Posted By: Doskious
I love the utility of this add on, but was confounded by a bug that didn't want to let me use the smart mount capability in Sholazar Basin. On inspection of the ZoneLib.lua file, I discovered that the zone was listed in the file spelled "Scholazar Basin" - I removed the apparently erronious 'c' in the name of the zone, reloaded, and...