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File: Demon209-29-11
Won't load as of the 9/27/2011 8:41...
Posted By: smanzo
Won't load as of the 9/27/2011 8:41 AM release, it's listed as missing the dependency LibGratuity-3.0
File: Serenity06-28-11
Migration of settings from JS Hunter Bar
Posted By: smanzo
Per subject, is there any way to migrate existing settings over to the new addon? edit: Nevermind, loaded them side by side and saw just how deep the changes in the configuration options go. Fun fact: If you load JS Hunter Bar and Serenity with the intent to manually copy over config options, the UI for JSHB has everything ze...
File: CCP (Class Combo Points)05-12-11
Will never load
Posted By: smanzo
A quick note. Because of the order of the if/elseif statements, if you happen to be running ElvUI with the Tukui database converter, the ElvUI settings will never be loaded. The Tukui installation is detected first and applied.
File: SLDT01-04-11
Quick note re: the memory module di...
Posted By: smanzo
Quick note re: the memory module displaying 0.0 for all values. I use Elv's Edit of TukUI, which includes datatext modules for time, gold and memory/fps/latency. Naturally, when I enabled SLDT, I disabled the datatext module. Doing so caused the Memory SLDT item to display 0.0MB for all values. Reenabling the datatext module withi...
File: LowHP12-11-10
It's a decimal notation in the firs...
Posted By: smanzo
It's a decimal notation in the first few lines of the LUA...
File: stExperienceBar11-29-10
Just FYI, showing the text freaks o...
Posted By: smanzo
Just FYI, showing the text freaks out if you are using Elv's Edit of TukUI (tested with 2.8.5.) I had to comment out the TukUI skinning section to get it to display properly. I don't expect you to change this just for the edits, mind, just a note regarding the behavior :D
File: ElvUI11-03-10
Originally posted by Lagby Elv,...
Posted By: smanzo
Originally posted by Lagby Elv, I've been using your ui for quite sometime now and admire it big time! Could you implement showing tank/dps/dps/dps/heals icons in group frames?.. and if not.. how about raid frames for seeing who picked what role? As a raid leader I'm having trouble with that one thing. The indicators are in...
File: ElvUI10-25-10
Re: Moving the focus frames?
Posted By: smanzo
Originally posted by bonavox I'm really loving this UI. It's the best edit of TukUI that I've found, and I'm slowly converting my guild to using it as well. One thing that I'd like to change is the position of the "focus" frame and "focus target" frame on my screen. Right now they're in a place where my heal frames cover them up...
File: BagSync10-20-10
Well that's freaking bizarre. For...
Posted By: smanzo
Well that's freaking bizarre. For some reason my copy got merged so it had a bunch of Ace libraries in there instead of what should be in there. I'm gonna blame this on Dropbox freaking out on me :mad: Sorry about that.:(
File: BagSync10-19-10
Receiving the following on login....
Posted By: smanzo
Receiving the following on login. I thought it was Fishing Ace, but I disabled that addon and it is still occuring. Using version 5.01 betaMessage: Interface\AddOns\BagSync\BagSync.lua:316: attempt to compare number with nil Time: Tue Oct 19 18:24:19 2010 Count: 292 Stack: ...ce\AddOns\BagSync\libs\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0.lua:...
File: ElvUI10-19-10
Confirming the error IceBound is re...
Posted By: smanzo
Confirming the error IceBound is receiving, and also confirming that Raid frames are affected. In my case, it was referencing the DPS layout.
File: Tidy Plates10-06-10
Looks like it was an internal build...
Posted By: smanzo
Looks like it was an internal build error within the pre-Cata builds of the TukUI package. For reference, the problematic code block ended up being: Bad code local function ischatbubble(frame) if frame:GetName() then return end return frame:GetRegions():GetTexture() == ] end Fixed code local function ischatbubble(frame)...
File: Tidy Plates10-05-10
Interaction with TukUI addon
Posted By: smanzo
Not sure what's going on, but there seems to be a bad interaction between Tidy Plates and the TukUI beta UI addons. I'm using the TukUI beta build 0057 along with this version of Tidy Plates (Cata build 13117), and the following LUA error pops up if I have both TukUI and Tidy Plates loaded Message: Interface\AddOns\Tukui\scripts\...
File: Currency 2 Cataclysm09-29-10
(in case there are any further chan...
Posted By: smanzo
(in case there are any further changes. doubtful, but possible) open c2c.lua Change conversion values as appropriate between lines 11 and 22 There's no indication of functions for Justice/Honor Point conversion past the 4000 point cap, but the conversions that are there are quite readable and straightforward.
File: Stay Focused!09-19-10
Quick note on Beta/PTR build 12984...
Posted By: smanzo
Quick note on Beta/PTR build 12984 The Focus bar shows up during in game cinematics (if on Beta, use the Waters of Farseeing item which were introduced this patch) Other than that visual hitch, it's a wonderful, light addon. :banana:
File: RagicsScrollingBattleCooldowns08-23-10
So I'm unclear. Is this just a rep...
Posted By: smanzo
So I'm unclear. Is this just a repack of the MSBT addon with different default settings?
File: oUF_Gdx08-02-10
oUF version required for build 1.1?
Posted By: smanzo
Per subject, since I know some oUF layouts freak out on different oUF versions
File: Silent Celestial04-15-10
Mac folder path
Posted By: smanzo
Assuming installation to the default Applications folder Place files in /Applications/World of Warcraft/Data/Sound/Creature/Phoenix/ example: /Applications/World of Warcraft/Data/Sound/Creature/Phoenix/PhoenixWingFlap1.wav
File: TwentyFiveSeven04-08-10
I know VuhDo can do this, as it sup...
Posted By: smanzo
I know VuhDo can do this, as it supports individual layouts for solo, 5, 10, 25 or 40 man groups, but I've honestly no idea how hairy the detection coding for it actually is. If it's not feasible, I won't be too upset about it.
File: TwentyFiveSeven04-08-10
Nice. Not knowing LUA well, any ch...
Posted By: smanzo
Nice. Not knowing LUA well, any chance it can be adjusted to switch to 25 if there are 11 or more in the raid? (Obviously haven't tested it yet, so if this is already the case please ignore me :) )
File: oUF_FavHUD03-03-10
Is it just me, or is the MEDIA fold...
Posted By: smanzo
Is it just me, or is the MEDIA folder missing from upload version 2.2?
File: Broker_StatsNow03-02-10
Ranged Speed LUA errors
Posted By: smanzo
Message: ...dOns\Broker_StatsNow_Range\Broker_StatsNow_Range.lua:50: invalid option in `format' Time: Tue Mar 2 11:15:01 2010 Count: 440 Stack: : in function `format' ...dOns\Broker_StatsNow_Range\Broker_StatsNow_Range.lua:50: in function <...dOns\Broker_StatsNow_Range\Broker_StatsNow_Range.lua:47> Locals: (*temporary) = "%.2...
File: Tidy Plates Beta03-01-10
My "low end" machine is a Macbook P...
Posted By: smanzo
My "low end" machine is a Macbook Pro (2.2GHz Core2 Duo, 2GB RAM, 5400 RPM hard drive with an encrypted Home folder), and I haven't noticed a discernible difference between using Tidy Plates and not using Tidy Plates other than when mouseover threat was first introduced (Betas 1 and 2 of that version, IIRC.) Haven't done Dreamwalker...
File: ncDebuffTimer02-17-10
Debuffs on enemys by me: Y Debuffs...
Posted By: smanzo
Debuffs on enemys by me: Y Debuffs on me: N Enemy buffs: Y Buffs on me: N I use NeedToKnow to watch my personal procs, as it lets me put them in a consistent place. If you do add the option to watch personal buffs and debuffs, I'd appreciate if it can be turned off in the lua files. Also, the performance problem I saw with...
File: ncDebuffTimer02-16-10
Error/Performance Impact
Posted By: smanzo
Same display errors as skeat12 (Hunter, only DoTs up being Black Arrow and Serpent Sting), but mine were tied with a MASSIVE FPS loss. I'd need to test again with tekerr disabled to capture them, but with the bars and (presumably) the errors being thrown, I was moving at less than 1 frame per second.:mad: Let me know what I can p...