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File: Mono UI12-24-12
tested a full clean install (withou...
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tested a full clean install (without any other addons) and all works great, in groups, raids and bgs. Many thanks! Can you please tell me how can I increase the left hand sides panel width please? I can increase the width of my chat and I want the panel to match that. Merry Christmas!
File: Mono UI12-23-12
thanks for the update! trying it ou...
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thanks for the update! trying it out now.
File: Rufio UI Classic12-21-12
What unitframes this ui uses please...
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What unitframes this ui uses please? I know there is list of addon on the main page but I can't figure out the name of unitfames addon!
File: Mono UI11-30-12
Hello Monolit, I like your addon...
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Hello Monolit, I like your addon very much as it stands now. Please please don't reduce the number of modules, since the module structure is what keeps your ui simple and easy to customise. Currently I take your ui and modify the cfg files to suit my needs. In some cases I completely replace some modules. So I hope you keep th...
File: Skada Damage Meter05-07-09
Re: Re: Numbers don't match..
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Originally posted by Aezay I'm pretty sure this is due to how recount and skada different in how they calculate dps. Recount will have a timer for each player, and if you leave combat for more than 5 sec, this timer is paused. Skada on the other hand will use the entire fight length to calculate your dps. What this means, is that i...
File: Skada Damage Meter04-21-09
Damage taken analyses
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DPS meters such as Skada tells me how much damage I have taken and what type of damage they are. I would like to find out for given type of damage that I have taken, what was my dodge, block, parry and miss chance. For example I am fighting a mob and its only using auto attack. For this fight I would like to know how much i dod...