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File: Titan Panel [Mount]08-06-09
Posted By: jxd215
hey hey, <3333 the mod btw. However, Ive been running into a problem recently (right before the patch) I have a double TP Bar at the top of the screen, and when i click it to see the whole list of mounts, it goes up off the screen, so i cant see any of it. It only happens on my druid, on all of my other toons, the drop down goes, wel...
File: Dominos08-05-09
new problem?
Posted By: jxd215
hey there, im a a pretty new user(for the past few months) switched from using bartender, and found i liked this one a lot better. However im having a weird issue that seems to be completely out of the blue. Keep in mind Ive been playing all day without having this problem, even after updating for 3.2. I only have 3 of the bars in us...
File: Aloft07-27-09
Posted By: jxd215
hey there, im new using Aloft, and I like it so far. The main problem Im having (after playing with it for 2 days and not being able to figure it out) Is that I cannot see enemy player bars. at all. i can see the standard blizz nametag, but no aloft bars. I can see everyone elses, including NPCs and critters and the like, and i can s...
File: BarKeep02-08-09
Posted By: jxd215
Ha!! Got it! Thanks :)
File: BarKeep02-07-09
A quick question.
Posted By: jxd215
How do I hide bars that are not currently in use? For example, the Vehicle bar, its just kinda hangin out there taking up room on my screen when Im not actually using a vehicle. Is there any way to change this so that it only pops up when Im actually in a vehicle? Also, I have tried using the blizzard interface *Hide unused button...