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File: Power Auras Classic08-31-12
Can't open Power Auras in game
Posted By: VSUReaper
Title says it all: I type "/powa" and all I get is a message saying "Type /help for a listing of a few commands." I noticed that someone else was having issues with other addons blocking powa for opening, but even though I have turned off all my addons but powa, I cant get it to open still. I am positive that I am running the...
File: AuldLangSyne01-21-09
Error Messages
Posted By: VSUReaper
I have been getting this mod updated via wowmatrix. When 3.0.8 hit, I started to get error messages when ever I click on a unit frame to inspect or whisper someone. This even happens if I right click myself or a non-com pet. This is the error message that I'm getting: Interface\addons\AuldLangSyne\note\note.lua:209: attempt to...