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File: Cirk's Lootcounter (Fan Update)06-29-11
Posted By: bebob
I noticed some color coding in front of items on other characters I haven't fully checked it yet but it seems to go away if you change line 248: = {r = 0.5, g = 0.5, b = 0.5}, to = {r = 1, g = 1, b = 1}, this makes the charactername white (can't remember what is was before but at least it works)
File: Daily To-Do's04-18-11
Improved tracking
Posted By: bebob
Hi. I was wondering if "Improved tracking for certain dailies. (Such as Tol Barad)" includes checking which dailies are available for that day. For instance, there are two daily quests in Deepholm (Glop, son of Glop and Lost in the Deep) that you need to do 10 times. But they are not available every day. And i wonder if it...
File: CS 490 Final Project04-12-11
Only US realms?
Posted By: bebob
Do you only need the US or the other realms too?
File: Cirk's Lootcounter11-14-10
@ Krytharn I would suggest doing s...
Posted By: bebob
@ Krytharn I would suggest doing something like this guy: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info16643-CirksBadapples-FanUpdate.html As i'm not that great at coding myself I have been searching for another addon that shows the totals in chat and I found LootAlert. It had the same problem as Lootcounter but by editing two lua...
File: LootAlert11-14-10
I found a fix to make this one work...
Posted By: bebob
I found a fix to make this one work again: go to addon.lua and add another %d+: in line 221: local itempat = "(item:(%d+):%d+:%d+:%d+:%d+:%d+:?%d+)" to local itempat = "(item:(%d+):%d+:%d+:%d+:%d+:%d+:%d+:?%d+)" open scanning.lua and add another %d+: in line 4: local itempat = "(item:%d+:%d+:%d+:%d+:%d+:%d+:?%d+)" to loca...
File: Cirk's Lootcounter11-12-10
Like Hacklez I noticed that the cou...
Posted By: bebob
Like Hacklez I noticed that the count start over when creating or looting when the stack is full. Although when you buy stuff there seems to be no problem. maybe you could just use GetItemcount to replace some stuff but I couldn't get it to work. I hope Cirk is still around. I use this addon since vanilla and Its really nice for g...
File: Cirk's Lootcounter10-25-10
Krytharn, Thanks for fixing, but...
Posted By: bebob
Krytharn, Thanks for fixing, but why don't you upload it here as a fan update like other people have done for Cirk's Badapples? Personally I don't like downloading addons from other places then wowinterface, wowui and curse. And not everyone reads the comments.
File: Cirk's Lootcounter10-14-10
I have been using this addon for so...
Posted By: bebob
I have been using this addon for so long to see the total amount of looted items. Thank you Krytharn for fixing and telling the rest of us.