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File: Factionizer09-11-12
I think he's working on getting it...
Posted By: Aerindeloras
I think he's working on getting it on curse, as the addon information there got updated with him as the owner/manager of the addon. Another small bug I found. With Cenarion Expedition rep, it still shows the "Preparing for War" quest, where you hand in Coilfang Armaments. This quest is no longer in the game, so you might want to r...
File: Factionizer09-09-12
With this update, my Factionizer se...
Posted By: Aerindeloras
With this update, my Factionizer seems to show all dungeon reps as "Normal", even if they are the heroic versions.
File: Kith's UI (Elv UI)08-19-09
Re: Duration of effects on a target.
Posted By: Aerindeloras
Originally posted by Royalelf Hi Malev, since a while the duration of my effects on a target pop up in the middle of my screen instead of to the right of the target bar. http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/6962/durationofeffects.png It may have something to do with the fact that I couldnt find the installhelper folder so I di...
File: Kith's UI (Elv UI)08-18-09
Error at the player buff frame
Posted By: Aerindeloras
Hiya. First of, LOVE your UI, it's brilliant! ^^ However, despite the fact that I love it, I have a small error, which I have put a red frame around in the screenie, please help me with it. The problem is the black transparent frame behind/over the 18m buff. http://i28.tinypic.com/161xhrb.jpg Thanks! EDIT: I noticed that I...