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File: CError07-09-10
Yes. Furthermore, Minion uses .zip...
Posted By: Humage
Yes. Furthermore, Minion uses .zip files to update. It does not recognize rar files. Or maybe it does and is a known bug that it fails internally. Not sure, but I am sure that .zip files work.:)
File: Error Handler07-09-10
Is there any chance of uploading a...
Posted By: Humage
Is there any chance of uploading a .zip file so that Minion is able to update?:eek:
File: Simple Raid Target Icons08-07-09
Progress for 3.2? Love this addon....
Posted By: Humage
Progress for 3.2? Love this addon.:cool:
File: JasonQuest01-14-09
Any chance on Wrath? I'll help.
Posted By: Humage
I've used this addon throughout BC. And anytime I'm helping a friend quest, I tell them to get this addon. Now that Wrath is here, I am getting errors when using it. The first error i got was related to lines 661-667 in the LogFrame.lua file. My short fix of just commenting them out allowed me to use the addon. Minus that functi...