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File: wMarker11-01-11
Any Update on the Blizz UI Conflict?
Posted By: ssutton3
Originally posted by Waky I'm really not sure why Blizzard ever protected the world markers, I'll have to try to figure out another way around it. The problem with the current method is I'm unable to change what they do while in combat, so it's very tricky considering they're used in and out of combat. I'm sorry to anyone who ru...
File: wMarker08-05-11
Error using wMarker
Posted By: ssutton3
Love this addon. So simple, and fast, to mark targets. Huge help. I'm having a (seemingly) random issue with wMarker not being fully usable in some situations. I do not get a LUA error or anything I can post. Instead, I get a Blizz popup window that says the addon has attempted something reserved only for the Blizz UI to perfor...
File: LightHeaded12-13-10
Originally posted by vikkyne At a...
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Originally posted by vikkyne At any rate, why does a mouse-over window pop-up when I look at a further quest in a quest line, and not disappear? For example, I open my quest log, and look at an initial quest of a 5-quest line. I then click on the 2nd or any other quest in that line and the pop-up reflects that particular quest's...