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File: Qulight UI04-29-17
Changing the UI scale with the opti...
Posted By: Dwnldedskill
Changing the UI scale with the option UNCHECKED in settings does not stick, log out, reload, resets UI scale to wrong value making everything huge. Also this error: http://imgur.com/a/0M0pC
File: Qulight UI09-17-16
Posted By: Dwnldedskill
Hi - I'm on the US client and the unit frames don't load. OUF doesn't work right, everything else looks ok, but there's no unit frames. Clean install with deleted WTF folder. Here's one of the errors, and the one I suspect is stopping OUF from displaying: Interface\AddOns\QulightUI\Addons\UF\lib.lua:1422: Attempted to use invalid...
File: GathererDB WoWHead11-30-08
Posted By: Dwnldedskill
Nechckn, Would it not be possible to write a script with the assistance of WoWHead to export their node database nightly and build a fresh copy of the data file that has all the nodes in it? At this point, I have manually collected over 100 mining nodes in Shollazar Basin, but I know I don't have all of them, and I have barely mined...