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File: Mage Icon Set06-17-09
arent these icons from wc3?
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arent these icons from wc3?
File: Bagnon Beta06-15-09
is there a possibility for you to a...
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is there a possibility for you to add the invisible item background like the old bagnong? and can you add a pre-defined category buttons just lke the bag buttons next to search box? like; consumable, weapons, armor etc.. which highlights the items when you MOUSEOVER AND CLICK that button?
File: Telo's BuffTimers [FAN UPDATE]04-20-09
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THANK YOU SOOOOOO.......OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. i was using this addon since .... i dont even know that, i loved this addon but then somewhat i lost it, found it again but it wasnt working bla bla bla.... thank you, thank you and thank you!
File: RaidFramesPlus04-20-09
i loved the idea, i loved the way i...
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i loved the idea, i loved the way it looks, but configuration is so confused me :S so i am not using it atm. what i ask is; is there a way to set a gui for options?
File: Bagnon02-19-09
Re: Re: Bagnon_Forever/Tooltips w/ Guild Bank?
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In short, at the time, I had no need for the feature, and it was also quite convoluted in its implementation. The spiritual successor to vBagnon is Combuctor. Tuller i think you are the best wow addon creator i have ever seen (i have seen only you) thanks for your reply and i am an idiot so i saw Combuctor first time. thanks agai...
File: Bagnon02-16-09
hi, i just wanted to ask there was...
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hi, i just wanted to ask there was another addon named vbagnon when i first started to wow (when tbc came out) i found that addon and it says you are the one who created that addon :) as far as i know there was categories on vbagnon on the upper side like Weapons,Armor and some configurable ones... why did you remove that funct...
File: GathererDB WoWHead11-26-08
guys come on. check the release dat...
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guys come on. check the release date :) it is before WoTLK release date :) and there was no herbs , ores listed on wowheade before release. (on wotlk.wowhead.com but it doesnt counts as wowhead)i am sure they will add the norhtrend stuff on the next update. just try to add yours before they do :P