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File: Birg's Mage UI #209-25-14
Posted By: MarkusFiligree
Amazing as always. Any chance you have one in the works for a Paladin?
File: AffinityUI01-16-13
Posted By: MarkusFiligree
Hi, Just wondering if the your Shaman Weakaura setup has been updated for Pandaria. I used to raid with your UI in Cata, and loved it, but when Panaria released, I had some issues with it. Since you no longer play a shaman as your main, I figured it would be worth asking before I spend the time to kill my existing ui :-)
File: FreeUI12-13-12
Sweet UI
Posted By: MarkusFiligree
I love the UI. I had a few questions though. Is there a way to bring up a preview of the unit frames? i.e. see where the PVP frames are, where the raid frames, etc... so that I can re-position things without worrying about overlapping elements. For the Raid frames Any way to sort the units? I did a 25man and the tanks were...
File: The Ultimate Shaman Auras v4.004-30-10
I have to say, the things you manag...
Posted By: MarkusFiligree
I have to say, the things you manage to get this add-on to to is mind boggling. you should submit your layout to the wow.com Add-on spotlight contest...:-) In any case, I thought I read somewhere that you also play a lock. any chance you could make a lock flavored version of this awesomeness? I realize that a LOT of work we...
File: RealUI03-05-10
Awesome looking UI. Any chance to...
Posted By: MarkusFiligree
Awesome looking UI. Any chance to get a raid shot to see the grid layout? Also, does the HUD show latency for the cast bar?
File: EventHorizon Continued02-27-10
Hmm.. That's good to know. I alway...
Posted By: MarkusFiligree
Hmm.. That's good to know. I always thought that LUA changes wouldn't reflect until you exited and came back in. this should make it much quicker to adjust the size. Sucks about the in-game controls though. I had no idea that features like that would affect the performance. Perhaps a Load-on-Demand module might work...of cours...
File: EventHorizon Continued02-26-10
I looked over the message board her...
Posted By: MarkusFiligree
I looked over the message board here, but didn't see my question, so I thought I'd ask. I know that the majority of the configuration for this addon is done via a config file. In fact, I think the only things you can do in-game are show/hide and move the frame. I was wondering if it would be possible to request the ability to...
File: The Ultimate Shaman UI 5.0.5 - 1920 x 1080 [16:9-WIDE]12-15-09
I'm looking for a new UI. My main...
Posted By: MarkusFiligree
I'm looking for a new UI. My main is a destro lock, but I'm leveling a resto shammy, and my current UI doesn't really suit that class very well. I was wondering if anyone has tried this UI on a lock? Did it go well, bad, etc...? **Edit** also, anyone know how this UI fares on 1920x1200 resolution?
File: LUI v312-03-09
I was wondering if anyone has tried...
Posted By: MarkusFiligree
I was wondering if anyone has tried this UI on the 3.3 PTR yet. I really love this UI, and would hate to lose it to a patch :-)
File: Raynes Iced Cherry05-08-09
Will this work on any widescreen re...
Posted By: MarkusFiligree
Will this work on any widescreen resolution? Specifically 1920x1200?
File: Panther04-21-09
Like the look of the UI. I have tw...
Posted By: MarkusFiligree
Like the look of the UI. I have two questions though. Does anyone know how well this will scale to 1920x1200? and can you post some shots of the party, and raid layouts? Thanks :-)
File: nUI12-02-08
Clock on the mini map
Posted By: MarkusFiligree
Love the UI, I'm hooked to it :-) Just a quick question though, is there a way for me to increase the font size of the clock on the mini map?