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File: TotemTimers09-12-11
Multicast button menu on mouseover disable
Posted By: Sarog
I have a request to modify the behavior of the Multicast button. What I would like is to left click to cast totems, right click to recall, but without the menu opening on mouseover. Maybe have the menu open on middle click. Thanks.
File: AtlasLootReverse03-02-10
I got a "Interface action was block...
Posted By: Sarog
I got a "Interface action was blocked" popup while doing the quest "The Chain Gun and You". I targeted the npc I was saving, right clicked his portrait, and clicked Set Focus and the error showed up. I exited the vehicle and my interface was gone, no action buttons, nothing. I had to press Esc and click Logout. Can I PM the taint...
File: Cirk's Chatmanager12-09-09
Patch 3.3 error
Posted By: Sarog
Message: Interface\AddOns\Chatmanager\Chatmanager.lua:4866: attempt to call method 'SetMultilineIndent' (a nil value) Time: 12/09/09 01:50:45 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\AddOns\Chatmanager\Chatmanager.lua:4866: in function `RegisterOptions' Interface\AddOns\Chatmanager\Chatmanager.lua:4686: in function `OnLoad' :1: in function <:1...
File: MoveAnything - Updated for 3.212-08-09
Problems saving frame locations?
Posted By: Sarog
MA isn't saving my frame positions anymore. I can move them where I want but next time I log in they revert back to their default locations. I've tried deleting the saved variables file, same result.
File: QuestHelper11-26-09
Error with "qh find" command
Posted By: Sarog
I got this error when I had the QH help window open. When I typed "qh find" it popped up. msg: Interface\AddOns\QuestHelper\director_find.lua:24: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) toc: 1.2.7 v: 1.2.7 game: 3.2.2 locale: enUS timestamp: 2009-11-25 21:58:46 mutation: nil silent: false : ? Interface\AddOns\QuestHel...
File: Cirk's Chatmanager10-25-09
Messages in taint.log
Posted By: Sarog
Hiya. Found these in my taint.log file. There's more but it won't fit in this message. 10/24 20:52:49.218 Global variable SELECTED_DOCK_FRAME tainted by Chatmanager - Interface\FrameXML\FloatingChatFrame.lua:1216 FCF_SelectDockFrame() 10/24 20:52:49.218 Interface\AddOns\Chatmanager\Chatmanager.lua:633 Initialize() 10/2...
File: TotemTimers10-08-09
Posted By: Sarog
The game tooltips in TT are anchored to the mouse pointer. I have the menus set to Totem Menus Always Visible and I moved them near the bottom center of my screen. When I mouse over the TT buttons the tooltip gets in the way. It kind of obscures the playing field, which makes it a little difficult to see what's happening in pvp....
File: WowLua09-13-09
Mousewheel scrolling
Posted By: Sarog
I have a request. Can you make the editor window scroll just a few lines at a time on mousewheel scrolling or tell me how I can make it do that? :) If I have a lot of code in the window and I make the window big, when I mousewheel it moves about 20 lines at a time. I can't seem to figure out how this is handled. Thanks.
File: WowLua09-07-09
Usability suggestion
Posted By: Sarog
First I'd like to say I just bought the WoW Programming book and it's awesome! Love the work you've done, and this addon is really cool. As part of my tinkering while learning how to make addons, I became interested in having a mouse click in the Output window set the focus to the CommandEditBox window. I'm one of those aging game...
File: TotemTimers11-13-08
Totem order
Posted By: Sarog
Hello, Thank you for this nice addon. I have a question. Is there a way to change the totem order within the drop downs? For example, when I hover over the Earth button (and the drop down displays all earth totems I can cast), I would like to be able to press '4' to cast Strength of Earth. As it is now, I have to press '2'. I...