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File: GoGoMount10-05-15
Draenor Pathfinder
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Any way we can get it to actually just pick a flying mount in Draenor, if the flying mount button is pressed & Draenor Pathfinder has been earned (account-wide). Rhianidd
File: WoW Scribe10-15-14
6.0 ....
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Once they re-enable logging (which they mess up with every expansion), I'll make sure this is updated (although it may work with an updated .toc at that point). Rhia
File: GoGoMount08-25-12
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Is this addon going to be updated for Mists (and 5.0.4 the pre-Mists patch)? I tried this in beta, and got an error with an unknown mount... which is not unknown in live. Thanks, Rhia
File: Recipe Book11-13-10
Re: Inactive Status :(
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Originally posted by ayradyss Okay all - see notes at the top of the page; I've been struggling with this for the last 2-3 months and I should have updated you sooner than this. I'm putting the addon on Inactive status - I don't have the time to maintain it and I'm barely logging into WoW as it is, so it doesn't make sense for me...
File: WoW Scribe04-11-10
Re: Re: Serious issues with Party Leader
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Originally posted by Rhianidd This release is not bugged... they added the leaders to party & raid and I haven't updated it since then, because RL stinks and coding one-handed has been tough. I'll get this updated & uploaded w/in the week. As for the tradeskill logging... I'll look into why that is in the chat log & not the comba...
File: WoW Scribe04-07-10
Re: Serious issues with Party Leader
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Originally posted by Annalira TLDR: Get this addon from curse, the version here is oudated and no longer works properly. I've added party leader to my logging option. When I do a /wscribe Status it says CHAT_MSG_PARTYLEADER (as well as all the other things that I'm currently logging). Every other log function is working properly...
File: WoW Scribe11-12-09
Yes, I'm alive
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Originally posted by Trinea Wow, this was posted a looooong time ago, but I can answer it easily enough. What you want to do is type /wscribe add instead of /wcribe add . If you're looking to record - General, for example, you would type /wcribe add 1 and then hit enter. I had the same problem with it at first, but managed to g...
File: Hunter's Mark Alert08-10-08
Hunter's Mark Alert
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Originally posted by Nynaeve Question: Does it just say it once, or is it persistent? Like, it isn't going to spam me when I'm a)not in combat b) don't have a target or c) in a main town? It will only "spam you" (every 10 sec, I think) if you are in combat, with a target. It repeats so if you miss it through other sounds...
File: WoW Scribe08-10-08
WoW Scribe
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The log file continues until you stop logging. It's the default WoW Chat Log, but this mod turns on & off channels that you select (instead of just logging everything that goes on). As for tells, it +should+ work, but I haven't tested that recently, so I don't remember. (fyi, I'm trying to get it Wrath-capable :) ) Rhia