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File: Grid08-14-10
I have the exact same issue as Atre...
Posted By: drakhri
I have the exact same issue as Atre. I also only noticed it since a recent patch. Pretty sure it started happening at the same time blizzard's patch was causing memory requests greater than 4gig. GTX 285 (driver dated 3/15/10) Core2 Duo E8500 Win7 x64 I play with 24x24 bit color w/ 1x multisampling no shadows...
File: Power Auras Classic10-18-08
Feature Suggestion
Posted By: drakhri
Activated by: race Certain skills only work on certain enemies, scare beast, exorcism, ect. ect. Would be extremely useful for hunters with the tracking talent/targeting beasts, paladins attacking undead, ect. Would be even more useful for spitting on gnomes.