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File: xanBuffTimers07-29-16
There is a bug in this addon. Wh...
Posted By: Xruptor
There is a bug in this addon. While using it on my rogue, especially in Ashran. While having my poisons on my weapons, using a flask and using song flower, the icons are changing position rapidly. Its quite annoying. Hmm.... probably because the buffs have very short timers. I'll take a look at it.
File: xanDebuffTimers07-29-16
Re: Timer Bars
Posted By: Xruptor
I have a question and I hope you are still working on your addons. I have both Buff/DeBuff addons installed. Is there any way to reverse the direction? Like so: Player Enemy ]]]]]]]]]]] (ICON) (ICON) Hope you get what Im talking about. Okay so you want t...
File: xanAchievementMover07-29-16
When I type /xanam nothing shows up...
Posted By: Xruptor
When I type /xanam nothing shows up to move. Doh forgot to mention I changed that slash command. It's now /xam I edited the addon description to reflect that. If you noticed when the addon loaded it should have said /xam for the command. Sorry about that!
File: BagSync07-29-16
Re: German Translation
Posted By: Xruptor
Wow thanks!! :D I'll add it to next patch and give you credit for the translations! Little bit more german in the localisation.lua, hope this helps. :) = "Taschen: %d", = "Bank: %d", = "Angelegt: %d", = "Gilde: %d", = "Post: %d", = "Leerenlager", = "Materiallager: %d", = "AH: %d", = "Suche", = "Gesamt:",...
File: xanAchievementMover07-29-16
v1.8 Updated for Legion -Had to r...
Posted By: Xruptor
v1.8 Updated for Legion -Had to rework the code to use the new AlertFrameSystems that Blizzard had implemented. -Since they shifted everything to AlertFrame it has made things a bit easier to handle. -I have tested this on several toons and it seems to work properly. If you notice an alert not following the rules with the anchor...
File: BagSync07-26-16
NOTE: I'm aware that the Cross-Rea...
Posted By: Xruptor
NOTE: I'm aware that the Cross-Realm and BNet account support is not currently working for things like gold display, professions, tokens, and such. I will gradually add support for these things as I put in some spare time. Right now I'm trying to enjoy myself back in WOW :)
File: BagSync07-25-16
Am really stupid or can I just not...
Posted By: Xruptor
Am really stupid or can I just not see BagSync tooltips after the latest update? Nope you aren't stupid or dumb. Bugs happen and there was one with the previous version which I didn't catch. It's hard to debug sometimes when I'm the only one testing. LOL sneaky little bug caught me offguard. :) Regardless, if you download t...
File: BagSync07-25-16
v8.7 Fixes for Cross Realm Support...
Posted By: Xruptor
v8.7 Fixes for Cross Realm Support - Tooltip Sorting. Changed the location of the Player Name sorting. Completely forgot about the Guild Name option. Oh WELL... can't win them all Changed the delimiter used for player/realm to something a little less used in languages. Fixed an issue where Tooltip information was not displaying...
File: BagSync07-25-16
v8.6 Added Cross Realm Support and...
Posted By: Xruptor
v8.6 Added Cross Realm Support and BNet Account Support -This is a big update as I've added support for both Cross Realms and BNet account. -Please note that BNet account option will only show character items for the CURRENTLY LOGGED IN BNET ACCOUNT. It will not show characters from multiple BNET accounts as this is currently not...
File: LagBar07-25-16
Re: Larger font
Posted By: Xruptor
Hi great addon, thank you very much. I would like to change the font size, i understand it must be done in the lua file. Would you please be able to tell me what needs to be changed to increase the font size . Thank you :) Updated for version v3.5, ability to modify the LagBar UI Scale. Changing just the font would bre...
File: xanTooltipHoudini07-24-16
v2.2 Updated for Legion -Updated...
Posted By: Xruptor
v2.2 Updated for Legion -Updated TOC for Legion -You can now hold down the SHIFT key during combat to view the tooltips.
File: xanAchievementMover07-24-16
Re: Legion
Posted By: Xruptor
Looks like they changed completely how the alert system works. This will probably require a complete overhaul of this addon. AlertFrames.lua has been changed to AlertFrameSystems.lua. Hmm will have to look into this. Until then this addon won't work. Will you update this for 7.0? Got this error: 1x ...exanachievementmove...
File: RightClickSelfCast07-24-16
v2.7 Updated for Legion Updating...
Posted By: Xruptor
v2.7 Updated for Legion Updating TOC for Legion
File: xanMortarPestle07-24-16
v3.0 -Special thanks to Meorawr @...
Posted By: Xruptor
v3.0 -Special thanks to Meorawr @ github for the updates to Legion @Meorawr Fixed processCheck function being made global @Meorawr Whitespace and newline formatting fixes @Meorawr Added Legion ores, herbs and lockboxes @Meorawr Removed WoD ores which aren't prospectable @Meorawr TOC bump
File: BagSync07-24-16
v8.5 Updated TOC for Legion Speci...
Posted By: Xruptor
v8.5 Updated TOC for Legion Special thanks to @Nevcairiel at GitHub.com for the updates to Legion Special thanks to @jsutan for a bug catch on GitHub.com @Nevcairiel Don't error out when no item id could be parsed @Nevcairiel Ignore Dalaran Hearthstone @Nevcairiel Update TradeSkill API
File: RightClickSelfCast12-29-15
v2.6 Update for TukUI and ElvUI M...
Posted By: Xruptor
v2.6 Update for TukUI and ElvUI Modified the code again to remove checks isAddOnLoaded() checks for TukUI and ElvUI. Since there are so many different modified versions of TukUI and ElvUI. Just do a cover all for them.
File: BagSync12-09-15
v8.4 -Fix for the issues where alt...
Posted By: Xruptor
v8.4 -Fix for the issues where alt information was not displaying. -Information for other characters should now properly display in Tooltips. -Note to self, use only two digit version numbers in the future lol. Thanks for pointing this out Nevcairiel.
File: BagSync12-07-15
Re: Re: Not seeing Alts in tooltip
Posted By: Xruptor
Hello, With v8.3.1 I'm not seeing items held on my alts. I have no issues seeing my bags/bank on whichever toon I'm on, but cant see, for example, my Sorcerous Air on any toon other than the one I'm on at the moment. I tried removing my saved variables for giggles, but that didn't help. Thanks! I have the same problem...
File: BagSync12-04-15
v8.3 hmm the toc file says Version...
Posted By: Xruptor
v8.3 hmm the toc file says Version: 8.2 Ugh forgot to commit the toc version number change. Thanks for pointing it out! :)
File: BagSync12-03-15
v8.3 Special thanks to the followi...
Posted By: Xruptor
v8.3 Special thanks to the following users from Github.com for their contributions @WetU -Update KoKR localization @EnumaElis -Update ruRU localization -ruRU localization bugfix @Nevcairiel -Fix leaked global variables -Ignore Garrision Hearthstone -Don't show a seperator line if no tooltip content is being added
File: BagSync10-14-15
Hmm it looks like a may be an issue...
Posted By: Xruptor
Hmm it looks like a may be an issue with how the itemlink is grabbed and displayed. From what I can gather it appears that SetGuildBankItem returned a nil record back to GetItemInfo(). Which is why that error popped up. The Item Link was grabbed but the ItemID was not parsed correctly. However, after looking at that link that was...
File: BagSync10-04-15
Re: Not Showing in Vendors
Posted By: Xruptor
My tooltip doesn't show when I'm at a vendor what is in my bags, banks and mailbox :( ...please fix. This really helps if I'm trying to buy something that might already be waiting for me elsewhere on my char. Do you use any other addons? This is the first I hear of this. Is anyone else having this problem? I don't exactly have...
File: BagSync09-08-15
Folks I have pushed an update v8.2...
Posted By: Xruptor
Folks I have pushed an update v8.2 to address the tradeskill bug.
File: BagSync08-13-15
Posted By: Xruptor
Hey all, I once again don't exactly have a subscription to WOW. I got bored out of my mind with WOD. It's kind of hard for me to work on these addons without an active subscription. I try my best to push up updates but it can be difficult at times depending on what PC I'm on. I know there is a bug with the tooltips and if some...
File: BagSync01-16-15
Re: Re: Re: Multiservers support
Posted By: Xruptor
Any plans to introduce possibility to search/show items (@bags, @bank etc.) on other servers without having to log on that server? Or at least display BOA items on other servers? And I don't only mean heirlooms; for example I was recently searching for Lesser Pet Treats I had gathered on different toons and servers, I bet there are m...