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File: DJBags08-19-16
Make Soulbound BoE items not be sorted as BoE
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To get the tooltip for your actual object in your bags, you need to use SetBagItem in element/tooltip.lua function DJBagsTooltip:IsItemBOE(container, slot) self:SetOwner(UIParent, "ANCHOR_NONE") self:SetBagItem(container, slot) for i = 2, self:NumLines() do local text = _G:GetText() --if text...
File: Broker_Currency08-09-16
Posted By: krowbar71
I almost hacked my version for Nethershards: currencyID=1226 added under: ITEM_CURRENCY_IDS_BY_NAME.NETHERSHARD Icon: "Interface\\Icons\\inv_datacrystal01" I had to manually edit my saved variable file for it to show up as an option, the icon shows up but no number in the databroker.
File: BagSync04-08-13
Re: Re: over-enthusiastic search
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/bgs minimap searches for everything in my bags named "minimap". That's not even one of the available commands. You may want to read the Info tab part of this addon. The minimap button is in the addons tab of blizzards interface panel. Hmm, I see this on the Info page: --snip-- Minimap Button: Toggle display of mini...
File: sPowerBar12-04-12
Health Spark
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In sPowerBar.lua, line 668 you need to change bars:SetStatusBarTexture("") to: bars:SetStatusBarTexture(1, 1, 1, 0) At least in my case,using the default "", makes the health spark to show up on the right edge of the screen -- not really that useful.
File: oUF_Freebgrid10-31-10
Originally posted by Freebaser Re...
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Originally posted by Freebaser Reply of doom... ... I'm guessing this is due to an onUpdate event in tiptac that causes it to flicker much like the current portrait issue on party/raid frames. Its not the tooltips fault but you can disable tooltips on the frames by removing in core.lua local OnEnter = function(self)...
File: oUF_Freebgrid10-20-10
For me, TipTac is the tooltip mod h...
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For me, TipTac is the tooltip mod has the flicker problem. Even out of combat, the tooltip continually flickers but is OK on other oUF frames and with other tooltips (like freebTip). Originally posted by offbase Use tooltip addon such as TipTac and check "Hide tooltips in a battle"
File: rButtonTemplate07-13-10
Re: Re: Error with totem bar
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Ahh, ok -- it is kind of what I thought it was. It was getting late here when I posted and didn't try reverting your totem bar change in rActionBarStyler (yet).
File: rButtonTemplate07-13-10
Error with totem bar
Posted By: krowbar71
On a shaman these errors keep appearing: rActionButtonStyler attempted to call a protected function (MultiCastActionButton2:Show()) during combat lockdown. Repeats for a few of the MultiCastActionButtons (2,4,6,9 and 10 only I think) The older version still works fine.