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File: TotemTimers03-09-09
Love This Addon
Posted By: Puru
Great job and I just love this addon. I was wondering though how long it will it will take to update this addon when Patch 3.1 rolls around. I use this heavily in raids for the ease of use since I love the remembering of totems. I was wondering how long I will be handicaped since I can see my guild wanting to go into Uldar 'right'...
File: QuestHelper11-15-08
Posted By: Puru
Not sure if this was suggested but it would be nice if you could turn on and off zones of Questhelper to reduce space. Such as, if I am questing in Nothrend or Outlands, I wouldn't need the Azeroth Quests, or something like that. Just have it so we can turn on and off different chunks of quests to make it run smoother.