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File: Dungeon Difficulty12-18-14
Determining which addon causing the...
Posted By: Tarkumi
Determining which addon causing the tainting is a hard process. Please disable Dungeon Difficulty and check if error message still appears.
File: PhanxBuffs11-17-14
Fishing lure
Posted By: Tarkumi
When I apply a fishing lure, I get the following error and the buff is not displayed: 5x PhanxBuffs\Enchants-Enchants.lua:259: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'offHandExpiration' (a boolean value) PhanxBuffs\Enchants-Enchants.lua:259: in function 'Update' PhanxBuffs\Enchants-Enchants.lua:304: in function
File: BindPad WoD Beta09-27-14
Bug with Save all keys option.
Posted By: Tarkumi
I found a bug using BindPad in Beta and PTR version of the game. If the "Save all keys" option is checked, the Blizzard's key bindings in the Other category (key bindings for addons) are getting cleared every time if I relog or after doing a /reloadui.
File: Numeration Damage Meter10-25-13
Overall dps error
Posted By: Tarkumi
Since the last 2-3 versions, the overall dps is nowhere near to reality. On the linked image, I did damage to 2 training dummies and as you can see, the overall dps is nowhere near the individual segments' dps values. http://imgur.com/tRaURyv
File: pNameplates01-19-13
Great addon! I would like to ask...
Posted By: Tarkumi
Great addon! I would like to ask for 3 features is possible: 1. Option to recolor only the healthbar edge in threat mode. 2. Change the alpha of the non-targeted units' nameplates. 3. Change the name text width or make it equal to the healthbar's width.
File: bBars10-14-12
Latest version, fresh install (bbar...
Posted By: Tarkumi
Latest version, fresh install (bbars.lua deleted in WTF folder): On login Blizzard default bars shows up and I get the following errors: 2x bBars\bBars-1.lua:2180: attempt to index global "bBarsDB" (a nil value) bBars\bBars-1.lua:2180: in function 208x bBars\bBars-1.lua:859: attempt to index global "bBars...
File: Classicons Fan Update08-16-12
I will probably try to update it fo...
Posted By: Tarkumi
I will probably try to update it for MoP. (Next week as i have free time) Are you still playing wow and intending to maintain the one posted here ? I think we might work together to avoid discrepancies :) (FYI : I think I'll do an update from your version and post it on Curse. Hope you don't mind ^^) Yes, I still playing WoW....
File: Debuff Filter and Cooldowns12-26-10
Excellent addon! I have a featur...
Posted By: Tarkumi
Excellent addon! I have a feature request: Can you make an option to enable/disable the spell school overlay on the icons? Thanks :-)
File: Classicons Fan Update10-17-10
Originally posted by AntoneKotovski...
Posted By: Tarkumi
Originally posted by AntoneKotovski Great addon, but it dosent work at all. Tried to turn it on by /ci on, nothing happents, command dosent work, editbox still opened and nothing happents :eek: Are you getting any errors when you log in or when you trying to enable the addon? Anyway this addon only works with the default bliz...
File: AzCastBar10-17-10
Since patch 4.0.1 vehicle castbar a...
Posted By: Tarkumi
Since patch 4.0.1 vehicle castbar appearing as a default blizzard castbar, not merging into player castbar.
File: Conversation Manager (Fan update/improvements)08-01-10
Originally posted by Xaxziminrax th...
Posted By: Tarkumi
Originally posted by Xaxziminrax the Second Works GREAT! Only qualm I have now is the 'copy' text window can't copy an entire conversation at once, only 10 or so lines. So if I want to copy a convo to notepad, I have to scroll to the top, hit the 'copy' button and select-all then copy, then scroll down ten lines, hit the 'copy'...
File: Conversation Manager (Fan update/improvements)06-30-10
Originally posted by Xaxziminrax th...
Posted By: Tarkumi
Originally posted by Xaxziminrax the Second Does this properly log party leader now? I remember that was the reason I stopped using the old convo manager. Yes, it does.