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File: RETabBinder03-29-12
2x TabBinder\TabBinder-1.02.lua:2:...
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2x TabBinder\TabBinder-1.02.lua:2: attempt to index global "this" (a nil value) TabBinder\TabBinder-1.02.lua:2: in function "TabBinder_OnLoad" :"*:OnLoad":1: in function :"*:OnLoad":1 Locals: self = TabBinder_Frame { 0 = } You using some ancient version. Update addon!
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian03-17-12
:-) KB - Killing Blows HK - Hon...
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:-) KB - Killing Blows HK - Honor Kills
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian03-05-12
I know this is really lazy on my pa...
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I know this is really lazy on my part, but it'd be cool if you could try to detect stealth enemies in arena when you announce peoples spec/class at the start. I will think about it. It is somewhat hard due to API limitations and I want have arena code lightest as possible. To reduce the chances of arena lags when somebody play on c...
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian01-06-12
Re: plz support korean client
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Hello Thx to cool addon I'm playing on korean client but, Arena zone name and BG zone name is displayed "?" plz support korean client Sorry, I can speak Engligh a little. But, I really appreciate to you. Hello. Can you provide screenshot of window where you see that "?" ?
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian08-25-11
Taoth, Beachcomber1: Thank you for...
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Taoth, Beachcomber1: Thank you for feedback. I will think about yours propositions. About damage/healing tracking on RBG. Tricky - but possible. I will also think about that.
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian08-04-11
Re: draw?
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Originally posted by Mitrax Last night i played WSG which ended with a draw, both teams had flag until the end. The addon gave the win to Horde even tho it was a draw, doesnt bother me much but might be something to look at. besides that, great addon. Nice catch. Thank you. I'm not sure if I can fix that but I will try :-)
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian07-12-11
Users who want to preserve the old...
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Users who want to preserve the old games may use new option Use only records from current season to calculate statistics. All statistics + composition tables will contain data only from current season. But old database entries will remain intact.
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian07-03-11
Originally posted by Gixx Here it...
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Originally posted by Gixx Here it is: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/200/reflex42score.png/ Thanks. Expect patch on start of the season. All game recorded before patch WILL NOT be corrupted.
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian07-01-11
I expected that. Right after I seen...
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I expected that. Right after I seen information about removing personal MMR from score screen - Can you make me screenshot of score screen? I will need to check some code. But I'm quite sure that blizz removed a way to get personal MMR changes.
File: OhSnap06-30-11
4.2 fix OhSnapCore.lua Line 3...
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4.2 fix OhSnapCore.lua Line 369 local _, cevent, _, sourceGUID, sourceName, _, _, _, destName = ... Line 376 local spellId, spellName = select(12, ...) Line 427 spellname = select(13, ...) And ofc TOC bump :-) If I find time i will try fix rest.
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian06-22-11
Im not quite sure if I release bugf...
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Im not quite sure if I release bugfix before 4.2. @giggleflat - Fixed. @CrazX - 1) Fixed 2) I implemented some code to workaround that but I'm not quite sure if it will work. @Gixx - Fixed.
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian06-17-11
@giggleflat, CrazX: Thank you for r...
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@giggleflat, CrazX: Thank you for reporting that.
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian06-11-11
Originally posted by Gixx Here is...
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Originally posted by Gixx Here is a screenshot of the "Werte" tab: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/39/reflex5v52.png/ So atleast the icons of the most common comps are a bit too big. And yeah, I remember you tried to fix it a while ago. I just didn't do 5s for about 2 months, so I didn't notice the bug is stil there ^^...
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian06-05-11
Gixx: The "Werte" tab looking good...
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Gixx: The "Werte" tab looking good or also icons are to big?
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian06-04-11
Originally posted by Gixx Just di...
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Originally posted by Gixx Just did a few 5v5 matches and the way the classicons are shown is a bit bugged. See the screenshot below: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/137/reflex5v5.png/ That is quite strange. I was quite sure that I fixed that after 4.1 texture size changes. Anyway thank you for reporting i will check...
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian05-12-11
Currently my TODO list is empty. An...
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Currently my TODO list is empty. And don't have any reported bugs. So I'm really eager to hear from community what else can be implemented to REFlex.
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian05-10-11
0.9.5 Warning! Version 0.9.5 det...
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0.9.5 Warning! Version 0.9.5 detect and mark with yellow color all Rated BGs entries that are corrupted. And I highly recommend deleting them. Most of cross-faction entries are affected. I'm really sorry for that inconvenience.
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian05-04-11
Thank you for report. Already found...
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Thank you for report. Already found the cause. If you played any rated bgs using 0.9.4 version upload somewhere and send me yours REFlex.lua file. AFTER that run command: /script REFSettings = 0; REFSettings = 0;
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian04-30-11
AFAIK version 0.9.4 is fully compat...
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AFAIK version 0.9.4 is fully compatible with 4.1. Please report any bugs.
File: RETabBinder04-29-11
Originally posted by Veev Thanks...
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Originally posted by Veev Thanks for this, btw. ;) No problem :)
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian04-29-11
Originally posted by Skydragon Do...
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Originally posted by Skydragon Does this addon show the new MMR system that came with 4.1? I'm not quite sure what you talking about. EDIT: REFlex will record new MRR values in next release.
File: Worgen Human Switcher04-28-11
Blizzard removed transform option f...
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Blizzard removed transform option from API. This addon is permanently broken.
File: RETabBinder04-15-11
That is quite strange. It work on R...
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That is quite strange. It work on RBG. This addon don't see any difference between rated and unrated BG.
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian04-10-11
I would appreciate if some ppl that...
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I would appreciate if some ppl that know: French German Russian Go to http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/reflex-battleground-historian/localization/ and update/check localizations. All 0.9.2 strings (One new) are already there. And I want release it with all localizations updated. Ofc if You want translate REFlex to other lang...
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian04-08-11
Reset - That button clear search....
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Reset - That button clear search. Expanded tooltips - Open arena match list. Hold left shift and hover one of the matches. Tooltip will contain now more detailed damage/healing data.