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File: Power Auras Classic09-16-08
Ok, now I'm even more impressed wit...
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Ok, now I'm even more impressed with this addon - Great responce times m8 :) Also, the weapon buffs work a dream, many thanks :) Ozein.
File: Power Auras Classic09-14-08
Originally posted by Dridzt There...
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Originally posted by Dridzt There will be a fix for it in the next version (once I decide what's the expected behavior) Cool, look forward to the next release :) for so long i've been trying to figure this out, thinking it was just me being a bit thick :) Thanks Dridzt :banana:
File: Power Auras Classic09-13-08
Hiya, I seem to be getting an is...
Posted By: Ozein
Hiya, I seem to be getting an issue with weapon buffs, only the Off hand weapon tho - main hand works absolutely fine. Cant figure out whats wrong - after hours of attempts i thought it's about time i posted here :) I'm a shaman, and want and aura shown for when my Windfury is out. So far i've managed to get the main hand aur...