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File: ImmersionUI (ElvUI edit)05-22-12
Re: Great work
Posted By: Inblue
Sorry for the off-topic but... ...I liked your UI, but abandoned the basic Elv look months ago. I stumbled upon another Elv edit, Shestak UI... ...to be honest, ShestakUI is not an ElvUI editing at all. ;)
File: unknownerror08-05-11
I like clean & simple mods like thi...
Posted By: Inblue
I like clean & simple mods like this one!
File: RealUI06-11-11
Keep up your great work, Nibelheim:...
Posted By: Inblue
Keep up your great work, Nibelheim: IMHO, this is one of the best UI!
File: ColdUI05-31-11
Originally posted by Coldkil No,...
Posted By: Inblue
Originally posted by Coldkil No, unfortunately i don't use GitHub but i'll take a look at it. Meanwhile can you post a copy of the lua error? Never had the issue, but probably it's something wrong in the code (i changed some references last release, so probably i didn't change accordingly the ones of the BNet bubble). Messag...
File: ColdUI05-30-11
Hey Coldkil, awesome work: gz^^...
Posted By: Inblue
Hey Coldkil, awesome work: gz^^ BTW I noticed a small Lua error (related to the chat file) when the RealID frame spawns. And a question: do you use GitHub for your oUF_Coldkil? Thanks in advance and good work :)