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File: Carbon UI - DPS / Heal / Tank10-27-10
Its great! Couple questions though.
Posted By: BitHawk
1. Where can I check my lat and FPS? I am not to sure what addon does that 2. What addons will not play nice with this compilation?
File: LUI v306-07-10
Love the UI! Other UI (that I still...
Posted By: BitHawk
Love the UI! Other UI (that I still use depending on who I play) are nUI, Spartan, and Mazzle and its nice to see another UI like Mazzle. :D Minor problem, I use WIM and Outfitter, and for some reason both have unhooked windows. I can move them around, but what addon controls that? Usually it it titan or FU but you don't use them....
File: SSS04-01-10
It didn't improve my fps, just stab...
Posted By: BitHawk
It didn't improve my fps, just stabilized it which is good as well. No more spikes from 20 to 5 fps, mostly a steady 16-24 fps in 10 mans now (with heavy aoe!) Thanks for the awesome addon!
File: Deadly Boss Mods - Victory Sound12-02-09
Besides being mp3 or wav file, are...
Posted By: BitHawk
Besides being mp3 or wav file, are there any other requirements for the file to play in wow? (Like size, album, etc.) Because when I put one of my files in I can't preview it.
File: nUI09-15-08
Posted By: BitHawk
Great UI, only problem is the bg icon is not showing so I cant see who is fighting and what ques I'm still waiting for.
File: CoolLevelUp08-29-08
I loved it! Nice nod to Fire Emblem...
Posted By: BitHawk
I loved it! Nice nod to Fire Emblem, Chrono Cross and Suikoden. Maybe in the next update, have some choices on the music, because I wanted to use the level up music from FE9 or SMRPG.