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File: DoomKitty UI08-25-14
Hi macolea. First of all, I don'...
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Hi macolea. First of all, I don't know why you suddenly get those fps changes since no one else has reported something like it and neither me nor my friends has that kind of problem. Is the fps still going down if you disabled DoomKittyUI (just our own addon)? Secondly, yes. You should be able to change the raid frames. Go to D...
File: Birg's Shaman UI04-07-14
Looks fucking awesome.. I'm sad tha...
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Looks fucking awesome.. I'm sad that I'm not a shaman :(
File: DoomKitty UI04-06-14
Re: Re: Healing unitframes in way.
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Hi there, loving the ui so far, but i tried setting it up for healing and everything is good except my untiframe and the target unitframe are in the way of my party unitframes when im in a 25m group. Mind helping me out with this issue? the target bar also seems really far off to the right, and it is not letting me change any of the...
File: DoomKitty UI01-13-14
First, Thanks! Second, Do you wan...
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First, Thanks! Second, Do you want to change only for chat log or the entire thing? chat log is /prat and you can change the font in there. But if you want to change on unitframes or whatever it's somewhere coded in the files. We will add the feature to change font for chat/unitframes in the config file(i belive). However if yo...
File: DoomKitty UI01-11-14
Bugs & Suggestions
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If you find any bug please write it here in a comment or better yet send a PM to me or Thees and we will answer as fast as we can. Suggestions are always welcome and we are atm fixing with the config file which will go to in-game config later on. Some of the options for customization is already there but more is coming. We are...
File: DoomKitty UI11-25-13
Re: Action bars
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I believe something may be a little off but when i loaded in the ui everying loaded fine accept actions bars.. The actions had this big gap between the chat channel and the bars. Maybe a sizing issues but is that going effect everything else? what resolution do you use and do you use window mode? Please use windowed(fullscreen)/fu...
File: DoomKitty UI10-24-13
If you are downloading the UI pleas...
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If you are downloading the UI please give us some feedback if something must be fixed or just a general tips.(love the tips from kkthnx!) It will help us improve and continue to advance closer to perfection! Thanks from me and Thees!
File: Cynthara UI09-01-13
are you still updating this UI or i...
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are you still updating this UI or is it "dead"? Love it but having some issues with it.
File: Cynthara UI02-03-13
Love it
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Love it and I'm going to try it out! However the other comment here said something about having issues with setuping the profiles? Will edit this post when i've tryed it out tho! edit: Just tryed it out and i'm in love! Just follow the instructions and you will be set!
File: FreeUI Remake12-25-12
Love the UI remake! Can't wait for...
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Love the UI remake! Can't wait for the rep/currency mod! Just a comment for Oreeo. Just remix it your self and make it so you can use it until he fixes it! That's what i'm going to do... :banana: edit: I found a few errors... On my Shaman the Weapon Enchant icon is right in the minimap Fix: \World of Warcraft\Interface\Ad...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)11-28-12
Curse auto updater
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I'm using Ur UI and I need to say I'm lovin' it! But I have a question... What addons can I update thru the Curse Client? I'm a bit scared that it will mess things up if I use it. Awesome work and waiting impatiently for the upcoming update!
File: bubuUI10-21-10
Great that you have 1080p support!...
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Great that you have 1080p support! :banana: Keep up the good work!