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File: Dominos01-13-11
non interactive bar
Posted By: FantaPants
Is it at all possible to make a dominos bar non interactive?
File: XPBarNone09-29-10
Works in Cataclysm Beta... but
Posted By: FantaPants
I installed this in the cataclysm beta and i got no errors at all. Everything appears to be working fine but the frame strata option doesnt seem to work, i set it to background and it still appears in front of everything in my UI. Also could you add an option for the bars transparency please. Thanks.
File: Outfitter09-21-10
Beta error. Im pretty sure this is...
Posted By: FantaPants
Beta error. Im pretty sure this is related to outfitter. I first made it occur when making a new outfit and then hit the "W" icon for saving it on the server which made wow crash. This application has encountered a critical error: ERROR #0 (0x85100000) Assertion Failure Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft Beta\W...
File: Outfitter09-18-10
Installed on Beta
Posted By: FantaPants
I just installed Outfitter on the beta and as the only addon running I was unable to remove whole sets from the bank be either hitting remove items from the bank in the menu or just clicking on the set, I got no error messages. Also the stock bank frame appears in front of the Outfitter character screen pop out and clicking on the po...
File: Dominos09-04-09
Profile swapping
Posted By: FantaPants
Hi, im having some problems with the profiles whereby since im a pally i use 3 specs and have set up another profile that is "charactername - holy" so when i respec to holy instead of one of my other specs i could just use this profile but this doesnt seem to work it just seems to keep the same settings as my normal profile. Is this...
File: Tankadin2 - Ardent Defender Plug-in08-05-09
Move Frame?
Posted By: FantaPants
Just curious how to move the frame that stuck in the middle of my screen? i tried all the ctrl/alt/shift + mouse buttons combos i can and still nothing
File: Aloft05-12-09
Disable tooltips
Posted By: FantaPants
How do i disable tooltips when hovering over nameplates? Thanks
File: Cork05-11-09
Just a quick suggestion
Posted By: FantaPants
Really liking your addon, i've stopped using ZOMGBuffs altogether now. Would you be able to add an exception list to things such as blessings so i can say that even though i will give all pally's might, as the tank i may want Sanctuary so would like a reminder for sanctuary. Cheers.
File: Cork11-18-08
Aspect of the dragonhawk fix
Posted By: FantaPants
interface -> addons -> cork -> modules -> hunter.lua Cork:GenerateAdvancedSelfBuffer("Aspects", {13165, 13161, 13163, 5118, 13159, 20043, 34074, 61846}) add the bold number this is the aspect of the dragonhawk adding this number fixes everything as long as you remember to change your prefered aspect in the cork config
File: Panda10-24-08
Posted By: FantaPants
any chance of being able to enchant directly to the appropriate vellum being implemented from within Panda? using the lastest alpha right now with the only issue being client freezes after looting while disenchanting. *edit* in regards to the freezing i had both Panda and Advanced trade skill window open at the same time and wh...