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File: xCT06-28-11
In all the places where it says sel...
Posted By: Obelixprime
In all the places where it says select(10,...) you need to replace it with select(12,...) and add the additional flags to local timestamp, eventType, dump1, sourceGUID, sourceName, sourceFlags, destGUID, destName, destFlags = select(1,...) in xCT.lua
File: oUF_Nivaya01-31-11
Other oUF mods and Nivaya
Posted By: Obelixprime
Would it be possible to loop through the oUF objects that Nivaya created rather then all oUF objects when changing the color? Setting the color for frames dynamically through the oUF_Nivaya in game GUI causes other oUF frames that are not a part of oUF_Nivaya (like oUF_BrethrenRaidFrames) to change color as well. Is there some pla...
File: oUF_Freebgrid03-01-10
New members added to raid shifts frame
Posted By: Obelixprime
Whenever a new member joins my raid group, the entire raid frame is shifted left. This happens for pets when they are summoned as well. I have Point Direction set to Top, and Growth Direction set to Right. When I type /freeb the green area remains in the same area as it was previously, but the actual frame has shifted to the le...