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File: TidyPlates: Simple11-06-10
Can you please tell me how to incre...
Posted By: Tagnar31
Can you please tell me how to increase the luminosity of the bars?...dark coloured is a bit anoying for me :P
File: PhanxBuffs10-25-10
Doh...that's too bad Phanx...your a...
Posted By: Tagnar31
Doh...that's too bad Phanx...your addon is visually superior to Nivbuffs and it has just the features I like....except the right click=remove buffs thing...and that is too bad because even though I know you made this addon for you personal use...the ability to remove your buffs is something paramount for everyone who uses buff displa...
File: PhanxBuffs10-25-10
Well guess what?...when you use Niv...
Posted By: Tagnar31
Well guess what?...when you use NivBuffs addon YOU CAN :D
File: PhanxBuffs10-24-10
Great addon and very minimalistic.....
Posted By: Tagnar31
Great addon and very minimalistic...just the way I like. It does have one drawback though...the debuffs won't go away if I right-click them...and I saw no option in GUI for it.Please tell me which change to operate in lua or update a new version with a option in GUI to enable right clicking buffs to make them gone. Thank you i...
File: ButtonFacade: Diablo 309-17-10
One problem though...how do I insta...
Posted By: Tagnar31
One problem though...how do I install it ?..I copied these files in addons folder and it didn't worked..I also copied them in the button faccade folder from addons and still doesn't work...
File: Button Forge09-02-10
Great addon
Posted By: Tagnar31
This addon is great and it suits me perfectly...however it does miss one feature...the options to make these bars created vertical.If I am correct your other addon,Extra Bars have this feature. Please update :D
File: oUF_Anubis08-06-10
Posted By: Tagnar31
That's great man! :D...I can't wait to get back home tomorrow evening and try the new version.Thank you for the atention you payed to the debuffs scaling(in case it works MUAHAHHAHAA) :cool:
File: oUF_Anubis08-05-10
Posted By: Tagnar31
Yes it would be good to keep this OuF layout as clutter free as possible(the clutter being the main reason why I don't use Xperl or SuF)...however I would like to be there a options to set the target's DEBUFFS size....the way the debuffs are on your Ouf layout is anoiyngly....microscopic :( I would like to see a options to incre...
File: Alert07-22-10
Work now
Posted By: Tagnar31
And NOW it works:D...the buff and spell panels don't get stuck on my screen and I can actaully add spell and buffs now.Thx for the update. I'll start using thins instead of Event Alert or Progy :P
File: Alert07-18-10
Re: Great addon..in theory Quote:...
Posted By: Tagnar31
Re: Great addon..in theory Quote: Originally posted by Tagnar31 Why I say in theory?..Because when I use it on my char the option windows looks nothing like in the image you posted about the addon;in the meaning that I can't add no buff whatsoever to the buff list And that's a shame because this addon could have been way better t...
File: Alert07-13-10
Great addon..in theory
Posted By: Tagnar31
Why I say in theory?..Because when I use it on my char the option windows looks nothing like in the image you posted about the addon;in the meaning that I can't add no buff whatsoever to the buff list And that's a shame because this addon could have been way better than Progy for example for the simple fact it could dispaly more th...
File: oUF_Simple06-29-10
Nice Ouf Layout
Posted By: Tagnar31
Ye this layout is awesome...however the cfg.lua is a bit restricted :P...I wonder if you can put the options to able/disable buffs/debuffs on target/party/player/pet/focus, to show/not show the castbars or hide the latency on the castbars also the ability to change the font etc. etc. :D...If you can do all these to this addon it mig...
File: EventHorizon Continued06-16-10
Earth Shock problem
Posted By: Tagnar31
Hello! I tried to adds earth Shock spell to shaman class config and I used -- Earth Shock self:NewSpell({ spellID = 49231 cooldown = true }) and it doesn't add Earth Shock..in fact it totatlly breaks the addon ...I know I have to add a "requiredTalent" field but what talent does Earth Shock uses?...I mean is...
File: oUF_lumen06-09-10
Posted By: Tagnar31
Thanks for the OuF_Moveable update :P
File: oUF_lumen06-08-10
Moving your OuF layout
Posted By: Tagnar31
Great layout!..Hovewer I don't like 1 thing about it...it can't be moved neither with OuF_MoveableFrames or FluidFrames or MoveAnything...and editing the lua might not be such a good idea for most of us..especially when we can brake the addon if we use the wrong text in lua.Can you please make the whole layout(castbar,frames) moveab...
File: DragonCore05-19-10
Posted By: Tagnar31
There are 2 rather upsetting bugg though you know :D Nr. 1 >>Above the bars I get a thin black bar..the only way to make it disapear is to enable a "reputation experience bar tracker" enabled from the reputation tab or to be a under lvl 80 char and have there a experience bar. This black bar in that place kinda ruins the looks...
File: Font Replacer04-17-10
Great addon..except "Font Replacer...
Posted By: Tagnar31
Great addon..except "Font Replacer has ecountered a problem and needs to close.We are sorry for the inconvenience.". I use Windows XP.
File: Tidy Bar02-04-10
Thank you man:D..it works perfectly...
Posted By: Tagnar31
Thank you man:D..it works perfectly now:P I love this addon because it has the exact layout I used for Bartender...at lower CPU cost:P Originally posted by danltiger A quick, hackish way to do this is... Search for all instances of "FadeCorner(0)", and change it to "FadeCorner(1)" Repeat for "FadeMain(0)", and "FadeS...
File: Tidy Bar02-03-10
This addon is great and way more li...
Posted By: Tagnar31
This addon is great and way more ligthweight than Bartender...however I have one simple question .>>..What do I have to change on the tidybar.lua or if is any other way to make the micromenu,bags and the 2 bars on the right side of screen to be visible all the time not just on mouseover....
File: SnowfallBuff10-23-09
Great addon indeed :P.... Wit...
Posted By: Tagnar31
Great addon indeed :P.... With one slight problem...I love that the buffs are split into rows depending on duration/source(from you or from others)..but It still have a rather disturbing effect...the buffs don't stack one with each other in their respective rows...I mean there are gaps between buffs of the same row.