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File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Grey]04-01-13
Does anyone have a fix for the circ...
Posted By: madindehead
Does anyone have a fix for the circular icons in the square boxes? Like the spell book icon is not correct etc.
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Grey]03-27-13
Posted By: madindehead
Hey man, Thanks a lot for the update :D Really glad you updated this! :D
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Grey]03-07-13
A few things appear to be out of sh...
Posted By: madindehead
A few things appear to be out of shape for 5.2 Things like mail and quest backgrounds have changed back to something horrible :(
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Grey]09-28-12
Containerframe/UI-Icon-QuestBang th...
Posted By: madindehead
Containerframe/UI-Icon-QuestBang then it is. Doing this deletes the entire texture, so when I get a quest item now, it doesn't show. Is there anyway I can replace UI-Icon-QuestBang with a blank .blp file and it still works? :)
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Grey]09-24-12
Should be Containerframe/UI-Icon-Qu...
Posted By: madindehead
Should be Containerframe/UI-Icon-QuestBorder.blp Thank you very much for the help :) Hmm, sadly Containerframe/UI-Icon-QuestBorder.blp doesn't help. It's just a minor annoyance (for me), that's all. It only shows up for items which actually start quests, not normal quest items :)
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Grey]09-23-12
I have another question: What is...
Posted By: madindehead
I have another question: What is the name of the texture that forms the border around quest items in bags? I use simpleSquare with Bagnon, to skin all my icon in my bags. MiirGui seems to overwrite the border for quest items in bags. Any idea which one it is? :)
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Grey]09-22-12
Wow, this addon looks fantastic! So...
Posted By: madindehead
Wow, this addon looks fantastic! So clean! Two questions though: 1) Is the map meant to still look like this, with the default art panel still there? Using Mapster map addon 2) What addon do you use to change all your UI fonts?
File: ForteXorcist05-21-12
Dual talent profile option?
Posted By: madindehead
I know there is a way to change profiles via a macro, but I was wondering, have you considered making a dual talent profile option for Forte? I know Grid has this option, where it will detect your talent spec (1 or 2) and change profile based on that. Would be very helpful for some classes (like my priest where I heal and DPS) and...
File: !Beautycase05-10-12
How to skin Pitbull?!
Posted By: madindehead
Hello there, I hope someone can help me out with this. I downloaded Beautycase to add a border to my Pitbull unit frames a bit like Caith UI ( However, I cannot figure out how to do it. I made a small addon, with a core.lua file, with the following code: CreateBorderLig...
File: Bagnon04-24-12
Masque/Button Facade doesn't seem t...
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Masque/Button Facade doesn't seem to work with Bagnon any more since the update. Any reason? It seems to skin the guild bank properly and the void storage. I have posted this as a ticket on the Bagnon Facade Curse page.
File: discord unit frames03-09-10
Able to test
Posted By: madindehead
Hey mikey2k, Nice to see you uploading DUF to here, hopefully more people will be able to assist with testing/updating of this mod. My offer still stands, to test anything new with DUF. Even if it is a pre-release version. I keep back ups of all my addons, so would at least have a good working version to drop back to ^^ I...
File: DUF Fan Update12-05-08
As far as I know, these fixes are t...
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As far as I know, these fixes are taken from the same forum guys. So he does post/visit there at least. Many people made individual changes. This is just them all being put into effect in one place.
File: Mapster10-24-08
Just wanted to say, I love this add...
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Just wanted to say, I love this addon. Great replacement for the old Cartographer which is now dead. Keep it up ^^
File: Bartender410-21-08
Re: More Bars!!!
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Originally posted by Loujitsu Please Make more bars...I have tried every bar mod out there and bartender is by far the most stable but doesn't offer enough bars. 5 extra would be awesome. I like having everything at a click ....I know 50 people that are mad at Trinitys designer and you would make them very happy and myself. plea...
File: Bartender410-17-08
That too! Being able to use DreamLa...
Posted By: madindehead
That too! Being able to use DreamLayout in Bartender is TOTALLY different to the DreamLayout in ButtonFacade. I used to use DreamLayour in Bartender3, with cyCircled skinning in LiteStep. Now if I skin with DreamLayout, it looks crap. So I skin with LiteStep. But yes, having DreamLayout in Bartender4 would be amazing ^^
File: OmniCC10-17-08
Is there anyway to have even and od...
Posted By: madindehead
Is there anyway to have even and odd seconds in different colours? And also, the scaling is a bit off sometimes. On a big bar, if the size is perfect, its too big on a smaller bar! Is there anyway this could be changed at all, by adding in a seperate option? I'm switching to this addon from Cooldowncount, as these were two o...
File: Bartender410-17-08
There is only one problem I have wi...
Posted By: madindehead
There is only one problem I have with this over Bartender3. Actually, make that two. 1) The snapping bars is really annoying me. Is relative and absolute bar positioning going to be implemented like it was in Bartender3? That really was a great help. Currently, I have some bars snapping into each other, when I don't want them t...
File: Cartographer10-16-08
Cartographer is horrible in its cur...
Posted By: madindehead
Cartographer is horrible in its current form. I don't understand why addon writers feel the need to totally change the look of an addon.
File: HitsMode07-18-08
A few things I wanted to ask. 1)...
Posted By: madindehead
A few things I wanted to ask. 1) Is there anyway to get square brackets around the timestamps on HitsMode 2) Is there anyway to add the raid icons to the combat log at all 3) How can I get the combat log to say Drain Soul Drains instead of the usual "afflicts ". The same with DoTs. Can i make it say " DoT " 4) Is there...